Russia Delivers 2nd Batch of Jets To Iraq As USA Unloads 4000 Hellfire Missiles

Russia Delivers 2nd Batch of Jets To Iraq As USA Unloads 4000 Hellfire Missiles (ZeroHedge, July 2, 2014):

The battle for favoritism among the ‘apparent’ leaders in Iraq continues. Russia just delivered the second batch of Sukhoi fighter jets (which will be flown by Iraqi pilots and “are ready to provide air support to the armed forces”), and the US unloaded 4,000 additional Hellfire missiles to support Iraq’s fight against the Islamist insurgents. While this morning the intelligentsia of mainstream media proclaimed “the situation in Iraq is calming down” predicated on the fact that oil prices were lower and stocks at record highs, we suspect the additional war material  to Iraq will do nothing but increase the determination of the “Islamic State” to increase its Caliphate.

As Bloomberg reports, the proxy war favoritism continues in Iraq…

The U.S. readied to sell Iraq thousands of missiles and a second batch of Russian Sukhoi combat jets arrived in Baghdad as foreign powers moved to help Iraqi forces battle an al-Qaeda offshoot.

The U.S. State Department has told lawmakers informally that the Obama administration wants to sell Iraq more than 4,000 additional Hellfire missiles to support its fight against the Islamist insurgents, according to people familiar with the plan.

Sale of the laser-guided missiles made by Lockheed Martin would be in addition to 500 previously purchased.

Russia began sending used fighter jets and military advisers to Iraq over the weekend in response to an appeal from the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Today’s arrivals bring the number of planes shipped to 10.

But Iraq is ready to use the new war materials…

The jets will be flown by Iraqi pilots and “are ready to provide air support to the armed forces,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“The lack of a serious aerial threat has allowed Sunni militants to use lightning raids in quickly assembled convoys of pickup trucks equipped with medium- or heavy-weapons systems,” Texas-based consulting firm Stratfor said in a report e-mailed last night.

Iraq can use the Russian jets to “interdict massed Islamic State and Sunni rebel convoys,” it added.

But the US-Russia pissing match continues…

Iraq’s Shiite-led government said it turned to Russia to bolster its aerial capabilities because U.S. F-16 jets were taking too long to be delivered. U.S. President Barack Obama has also refrained from ordering air strikes against the Sunni militants, putting the onus on Iraqi leaders to first form an inclusive government that could work to end the marginalization of minority Sunnis.

Pressure from the U.S. and Iraq’s top Shiite cleric wasn’t enough to prod lawmakers yesterday to end an impasse over picking a prime minister and fill key posts. An hour after convening in Baghdad for the first time since April elections, parliament adjourned until July 8, citing a lack of quorum and disagreements among leading political blocs.

Marie Harf, a U.S. State Department spokeswoman, said while it was important parliament convened, “we do hope that Iraq’s leaders will move forward with the extreme urgency that the current situation deserves.”

“Time is not on Iraq’s side here,” she added, according to an e-mail of her daily briefing. “They need to do this as quickly as possible.”

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While some may believe because the mainstream media is focus on record high stocks that Iraq must be a strom in a teacup, the violence and deaths are worsening day by day – this is far from over.


5 thoughts on “Russia Delivers 2nd Batch of Jets To Iraq As USA Unloads 4000 Hellfire Missiles”

  1. This signals a chess game is happening, and it appears Russia is going to enter a proxy war with the US,
    using Iraq as a battle ground. Those poor Iraq citizens!.
    Another greedy gut move by both leaders.
    The world has gone mad, and perpetual war is firmly in place. Thanks to Obama, and Putin, it will happen.
    the day the US gets hit moves closer.

  2. Not too sure it’s a Chess Game any more, Marilyn.
    More like a farce.
    SU-25’s are pre re-unification dinosaurs, designed for air combat before the realisation that speed was useless in a dogfight.. Su-25’s are valuable ground attack assets.
    Hellfire missiles are McDonnell Douglas laser guided air to ground guided bombs, hardly likely compatible with the Su-30 Frogfoot.
    This is all posturing.

  3. Hello Squodgy: I hope you are right. If one looks, the US has done a fairly of surrounding the area. Both US and Russia are setting things up. Putin has been very careful, but he isn’t going to give in to US BS, The entire world hates us. I watch what Putin is doing on my globe of the world. A globe often shows what is going on. Putin is setting up a strong coalition, and the US is still being totally belligerent, in his speech for peace a couple of days ago…..I think it was you who sent me the link.
    Russia has been busy, preparing for this, and what I fear is coming is going to change the world for ever.
    The US is now using Bitcoin, the CA governor signed into law last week. It tells me they are deeply in trouble, and their corporate owners are not pleased. A man can not have two masters and succeed. It doesn’t work that way
    I sure hope it is just post

  4. The US suffered a delivery slowdown of military parts from China… We borrow 40% of the money from them to buy this worthless crap.

    Anyone see the pic of Michelle coming off a plane looking like a homeless street person? In your eye, America for voting democrap


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