Ukraine President Declares End To Cease-Fire; Vows To ‘Attack & Liberate Our Land’

Ukraine President Declares End To Cease-Fire; Vows To “Attack & Liberate Our Land” (ZeroHedge, June 30, 2014):

As propogandists prepare their “it’s the other guy’s fault” press releases, Ukraine’s President Poroshenko issued a statement declaring the cease-fire over…


Furthermore, his promise to “attack and liberate” the land and resumption of the “anti-terrorist” operations, means civil war is back on (and what appeasrs to be martial law) as he explains Armed Forces, National Guard, the State Border Guard Service, Security Service received appropriate instructions.

Full Poroshenko Statement (via Google Translate):

Address of the President of Ukraine Poroshenko

Dear compatriots!

On the twenty-second hour of Monday 30 June expired validity of a unilateral ceasefire.

Within the plan of peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbas this step was first initiated on June 20.

June 27 Ukraine continued for an additional three days.

For ten days we have demonstrated the Donbass, Ukraine, to the world their commitment to peacefully settle the conflict triggered externally.

Residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, we demonstrated goodwill Ukrainian authorities. 

Hardworking and peaceful people, which is the vast majority of the citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk Oblast, feel our sympathy, love and respect. They saw a sincere willingness Kyiv ignore their special opinions and specific interests. And they realized that their safety is our top priority.

Become even more international support for Ukraine. It was during the ceasefire I signed the Association Agreement and the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the EU.

However, with a unique opportunity to implement the peace plan is not implemented. This happened because of the criminal actions of militants. They have publicly declared their unwillingness to support the peace plan as a whole and particularly the ceasefire. Defiantly, more than a hundred times, violated the armistice regime.

The political leadership of the separatist demonstrated unwillingness and inability to control the actions of their departments and the terrorist gangs of looters.

Annulment of the Federation Council for permission to enter the Russian troops in Ukraine was positive, but symbolic. We did not wait for concrete steps to de-escalation of the situation. Including in terms of strengthening control abroad.

Despite all this, the world was, is and will be my goal. Changing only the tools to achieve it.

June 30 evening, a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. After discussing the situation, I, as Commander-in-Chief, has decided not to pursue a unilateral cease-fire regime. 

Protection of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, safety and life of civilians requires not only defensive but also offensive operations against terrorist militants.

Armed Forces, National Guard, the State Border Guard Service, Security Service received appropriate instructions.

In achieving the objectives of the present protection of territorial integrity are no longer limited ceasefire.

We will attack and liberate our land. Non-renewal of the ceasefire – is our response to terrorists, rebels, looters. To all those who are making fun of civilians. Who paralyzing the work of regional economy. Who plucks the payment of salaries, pensions, stipends. Who undermines and destroys railroad plumbing. Who has deprived people of normal, peaceful life. 

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard, other units will not allow themselves to use force against peaceful people. They never beat on residential neighborhoods.

Ukrainian soldiers and guards will risk his own life, just not to expose threats to women, children and elderly men. All those living in the land of Donbass and does not in the hands of illegal weapons.

This age-old chivalrous nature Ukrainian army.

For us – and responsibility for every supporter peaceful life that do not bring God can break off during a military or anti-terrorist operation.

This requires us to extraordinary adjustedness every movement operations.

I appeal to every resident of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, asking to be taken with the understanding of my decision. Please become allies in return for security Donbass.

So, you can not resist the bandits physical strength. But your willpower and fortitude, your civil disobedience to the so-called “people’s republics,” the intolerance and contempt for those who took the path of banditry, looting and terror, bring the day when your homes, your streets back lasting peace .

Everyone who stood in the way of armed resistance to lawful authority, but realizing that mistake and wants to correct it, as president, I guarantee FAILURE to justice. Condition One – voluntarily lay down their arms.

Our peace plan as a strategy for Ukraine and Donbas, remains in force. And disarmament. And decentralization. And free use of the Russian language. And the restoration of housing by the state. And together with the EU program to create new jobs. And even before the ceasefire, we are ready to return at any moment. When we see that all parties adhere to performing the basic points of the peace plan. What gunmen freed the hostages. What and beyond the eastern border of red light on fire for saboteurs and arms supplier, and for adherence to the OSCE border monitors.

Dear compatriots!

The road to peace was somewhat more complex than desired. Do not want to embellish reality. It will be hard and difficult.

We, more than ever, we should unite to protect Ukraine. It requires dedication and discipline not only at the front but in the rear.

But there was not any war, after which there occurred a to peace.

So happens this time.

Glory to Ukraine!

*  *  *

Now we await the Russian response; the USA’s retaliatory sanctions, and Putin’s boomerang… with all eyes on Austria and Bulgaria (as the Chess game just got larger)


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  1. Translation: US Puppet Government wants war with Russia.
    Outcome: Russia will win. The US, and endless puppet governments will lose because they have no coalition of supporters, Russia has most of them.
    Not a good outcome for a chess game nearly over.


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