Radiation Levels Spikes At WIPP, Hit Highest Levels Since Initial Hours Of Radioactive Release

Radiation spikes at WIPP nuclear facility — Hits highest levels since initial hours of radioactive release in February — Document link removed from official website — Gov’t analyzing samples for “potential impact on human health” (ENENews, June 27, 2014):

Station A and B Filter Readings for Public Release 6-16-14, New Mexico Environment Department Air Filter Station Sampling Data (pdf):

(Note: Measurements are taken after air passes through the filtration system. Also, the June data is shown in 4-hour intervals, while most in February are around 8 hours.)


*See the archived version of the NMED’s document list here and the current version here


NMED Presentation to the Legislative Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Committee on June 10, 2014 (posted 6/26) (pdf):

Environmental Monitoring at WIPP and Vicinity […] What Will the Data Tell Us?

  • Extent of contamination in the environment
  • Impact of the event on the environment
  • Potential impact on human health
  • Provide correct information to policy makers

See all documents released publicly by the NMED related to the radiation incident here

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3 thoughts on “Radiation Levels Spikes At WIPP, Hit Highest Levels Since Initial Hours Of Radioactive Release”

  1. The worst problem with nuclear waste in the fact the longer it is around, the strongest it gets. One need only look at the damage of the Pacific Ocean since its onset to tell us this truth. Unlike conventional lighting or heat, it gets hotter and stronger as time passes.
    It is indeed far more powerful than anything man has ever developed, and he cannot turn it off. It is going to destroy all things of value, beauty or hope. It is indeed the most lethal of all man made things.
    Yet, so now Iran will build more of them, so will many other nations (all along the ocean in order to cause the worst damage possible.
    Are we in face a totally self-destructive being? Nothing else seems to fit. When I think of some of the bright people who developed it, I cannot ask but why.
    Are we totally senseless? Without morals or self preservation? What other species does such stupid things, literally destroying our own food and water supply.
    The older I get, the less I know.

  2. They are “just watching” to see how bad it gets. How much more watching do they need to do in order to realize it is fatal?
    The mindless has truly inherited the earth, and the mindless scholars seem worse than the others. Give me common sense, like Squodgy, any day…….he makes sense.


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