Aftermath … What Will Life Look Like When The Lights Go Out?

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Former US Army Intelligence Officer James Wesley Rawles: America Will Experience Weimar-Style Hyperinflation – ‘People Have No Idea What COLLAPSE Might Look Like’ (Video)

Interview With Former US Army Intelligence Officer And Bestselling Author James Wesley Rawles: Global Economic Collapse – Gun Confiscation – How To Survive The End Of The World – If The Power Grid Goes Down We Are In A Massive Die Off Situation Where Literally More Than 50% Of The Population Of The Country Could Die In Just One Winter (Video)

100 Items to Disappear First


What Will Life Look Like When The Lights Go Out? (The Prepper Project, June 9, 2014)


2 thoughts on “Aftermath … What Will Life Look Like When The Lights Go Out?”

  1. To Squodgy: You make a lot of sense. Without having all the full cycles of perception at our level, a lot could happen. Blindness can really cut off our abilities to see, also to perceive.
    This isn’t funny, and it can happen again.
    As one who relies on my sense of taste and small, loss of it, even a small loss, can cost a lot.
    Fear can cost even more.
    Emotions that make us feel limited also make us feel afraid.
    Fear is the greatest, and most negative emotion we have. Feed that into the agreement, and chaos ensues.
    A little fear can be good, helps man from getting reckless. Too much can be just as bad as too little.

  2. No problem. Look at Japan. It’s been several years since the nuclear accident, so they probably don’t have to pay for lighting at night.


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