Russia Announces It Will Send ‘Humanitarian Aid’ To East Ukraine


Officially begun the state-of-the-art ‘humanitarian aid’ deliveries have.

Russia Announces It Will Send “Humanitarian Aid” To East Ukraine (ZeroHedge, June 27, 2014):

While Poroshenko extends today’s ceasefire (under threat of military action if nothing is solved by then); the phrase “hearts and minds” comes to mind as Russia unleashes its latest softly-softly headline in providing ‘humanitarian aid’ to the eastern regions of Ukraine. While ‘asking’ Ukraine to help determine the route for the aid, the press release explains this is ‘aid’ for the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk following “numerous appeals” by the people. It appears that the “aid” does not include US-Iraq-style “special advisers.”

As Russia explains…

Humanitarian assistance to the eastern regions of Ukraine

June 27 the Russian Foreign Ministry sent a note to the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine regarding the provision of humanitarian aid the eastern regions of Ukraine.

The note says that in connection with numerous appeals by the people of Donetsk and Luhansk requesting urgent humanitarian assistance, Russia has prepared to send a motorcade to deliver humanitarian cargo weighing 60 tons, consisting of food and personal hygiene products. Ttrucks will head out on June 28 toward Donetsk and Lugansk, and possibly also in other regions of Ukraine, where there are refugees.

The note expressed hope that such humanitarian assistance will assist the residents of the regions and refugees, and will help reduce the number of the latter in the future.

Russian Foreign Ministry appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine with a request to assist in the implementation of humanitarian action, including in terms of determining the route of motorcade through Ukraine.

*  *  *

So no ‘boots on the ground’ from Russia – but winning hearts-and-minds as Ukraine loses control of its gas and water supply.


5 thoughts on “Russia Announces It Will Send ‘Humanitarian Aid’ To East Ukraine”

  1. Looks like Russia is borrowing the best from all nations in order to win. And win, Putin will do.
    I sometimes wish I were 20 so I could see if Putin will become what I think he will……the world leader.
    Pity the others are such fools by comparison.

  2. Vlad’s defiance of the PTB Western Authority is reassuring, but it is as well to remember this is all nothing but a bare knuckle fight for control of the region by two gangs of political and military thugs.

    Just as the Bush!&2/Cheney/Obama gang have shown dismissive contempt for the needs and welfare of any of the people they invade and manipulate, we must not expect any higher standard from Vlad.

    He has proved himself as a superior strategist to the entire Western warmongering asset stealers, and that is good after considering John Perkins’ testimonies.

    But history has shown, the Russian people are very much like the Arabs. They want to be left alone with a very basic and simple authoritarian system they can exist under.

    Almost 60% of Russia is based on dispersed agrarian and self sufficient society relying on community.

    The West can’t even contemplate that. Which is why Adolf & Napoleon were totally defeated. Remember, the West did NOT beat Hitler, the Russians did, and they lost tens of millions of peasant soldiers.

    Vlad represents nothing more than the gang leader of the opposite side.
    Vlad is the leader of the Jets & Baz the leader of the Sharks.

  3. Copyright from REALJEWNEWS, this analysis of Vlad’s stance is interesting.

    RE-DIRECTING THE ENERGY back on the opponent is the mark of a Judo Master.

    Expending little of your own energy and using the energy of the opponent against him appears to be Putin’s strategy in Ukraine.

    And expending massive energy to build its military is the current programme underway in Kiev where 200 million in Ukrainian currency has been allocated to the Right Sector’s Washington-enabled National Guard.

    As a well-thought-out reflex to Kiev’s military programme and the tenuous ‘cease-fire,’ Putin’s initial response was to ask the upper house of parliament to “revoke” the March 1st 2014 (No. 48-FZ) authorization on the use of the armed forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine.

    ( The initial authorization was ratified 17 days before Putin signed the reunification with Crimea on March 18, annexing the republic into Russian Federation territory.)

    It’s a master stroke. While Kiev is escalating its militarization, Putin is deescalating Russia’s militarization vis-a-vis Ukraine. The revocation affirms Putin’s desire to “peacefully settle” the Ukrainian crisis.

    Prominent parliament member Leonid Slutsky calls the revocation of Russian military force a “powerful irritant for the global community.”

    Indeed! While the West has been provoking Russia into a military action in order to justify Western intervention and an eventual NATO base in Ukraine with its missiles aimed at Moscow, Putin is showing himself as the quintessential peacemaker.

    This is vinegar in the Jew-led West’s eyes.

    Jewmerica paints Putin as a warmongering imperialist. How DARE he make overtures for peace! He’s NOT following the Jewish script!

    Putin can ask for “re-authorization” for military action in Ukrainian territory any time he feels it’s necessary according to Article 102-1(d) of the Russian Constitution.

    He’s the commander-in-chief of the Russian forces and as president he holds automatic war powers inherently authorized in the Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation, particularly in regards to “instability” in any “neighboring states.”

    Remember, in 2008, Russian president Medvedev followed the same procedure to enter South Ossetia regarding Russia’s humanitarian intervention. No war was declared but the intervention defanged the Washington puppet Saakashvilli.

    Blocking, deflecting, and throwing one’s opponent using his energy against him are the means of gaining an upper hand of one’s foe whether it’s in athletics or political strategy.

    Putin’s got the upper hand…and a few kicks in Jewmerica’s belly will bring it to its knees.

  4. I agree with Squodgy, I think they are up against a real Chess Player…….and there aren’t very many good ones left any longer.


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