Japan’s Plan To Freeze Fukushima With An ‘Ice Wall’ Is Melting Down

Japan’s Plan To Freeze Fukushima With An “Ice Wall” Is Melting Down (ZeroHedge, June 18, 2014):

A year ago we wished TEPCO the best of luck with the construction of the “Game of Thrones”-esque 1.4km giant wall of ice that was designed to surround the exploded Fukushima power plant and slow the movement of irradiated water below the damaged reactors, preventing it from flowing over into the ocean and surrounding land. A plan so idiotic we were at a loss for words trying to list the ways it could go wrong.  And, as it turns out, making a project overly complicated and ridiculous doesn’t assure it will be a success. Quite the contrary. As Japan JIJI reports, Tepco said the project, which remains in its early stages, is experiencing a problem with an inner ice wall designed to contain highly radioactive water that is draining from the basements of the wrecked reactors. A Tepco spokesman added that “We have yet to form an ice plug because we can’t get the temperature low enough to freeze the water.”


1 thought on “Japan’s Plan To Freeze Fukushima With An ‘Ice Wall’ Is Melting Down”

  1. A wall of ice. What keeps it cool? This is a pathetic way to show the world they are doing something……….but in fact, they have no solution. It is burning hotter all the time, and no water filled wall will solve the problem.
    don’t know what to do. They refused Russia’s offer of help over two years ago. Of all the nations, Russia has had experience, and would have a better chance of finding out the truth. Japan will probably not survive this disaster. Russia has survived their’s. Instead of accepting their offer of help, they turned them down……Japan’s leaders show themselves more foolish than anyone.
    As one who resides in CA, and has a daughter who had decided not to have a child, I can only be grateful. But, when I see babies being wheeled around everywhere, I fear for them. Don’t their parent pay attention to the real news? Evidently not, they would rather listen to US news that isn’t pure lies and obfuscation.
    The mindless have inherited the earth, there is no doubt of it.
    Does anyone else remember the Sea of Glass that was created by nuclear bomb practices in Nevada? There is a fence around it now, but it is scary to behold.
    From these bombs have come food shortages as our food chain has been destroyed. Water shortages, far beyond local droughts have been revealed, Oceans provides 80% of our oxygen………the list is endless.
    I sure hope people wake up really soon.


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