Kyrgyzstan Bans All GMO Products And GM Crops

Kyrgyzstan Bans All GMO Products and GM Crops (Sustainable Pulse, June 11, 2014):

Kyrgyzstan has Wednesday become one of the first countries in the World to ban the cultivation of GM Crops alongside the import and sale of all GMO products, the news agency has announced.

The Kyrgyz Members of Parliament approved the third reading of the bill ‘On the prohibition of cultivation, production, import and sale in Kyrgyzstan of products containing GMOs’.

It was reported that following the adoption of the law there is set to be a GMO testing laboratory built before 2015, where not only food coming from abroad, but also food grown in the country will be checked for GMO contamination. The Ministry of Economy noted that to prohibit the importation of GMO products on the ground will be difficult but possible.

The final bill has now been sent to President Almazbek Atambayev for his signature.

2 thoughts on “Kyrgyzstan Bans All GMO Products And GM Crops”

  1. Kyrgyzstan is showing true sense in this act, establishing laws to end GMOs as a way to avoid world famine. I only hope their laws spread. GMOs must be exposed for the evil they truly are for world food development. Nothing like hunger to open the eyes of everyone.
    I only hope they succeed.

  2. Unfortunately the rationale behind its ban will have little to do with GMO itself and far more to do with peoples vested interests.


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