Ukraine-Russia Near ‘Serious Conflict’ Following Explosion In Largest European Gas Transit Pipeline

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Ukraine-Russia Near “Serious Conflict” Following Explosion In Largest European Gas Transit Pipeline (ZeroHedge, June 17, 2014):

With 2 Russian TV journalists killed in recent days and on the heels of Russia’s cutting off Ukraine’s gas supply for non-payment, Interfax is reporting that:


Witnesses say flames are reaching 200 metres high. Gazprom shares are tumbling on the news (as should European stocks) and Russia’s Foreign Affairs Committee Chief Aleksei Pushkov warned relations between Ukraine and Russia have entered a new stage and are “moving closer towards a serious conflict.”

As RT reports,

An explosion has struck a pipeline in the eastern Ukrainian Poltava region. Witnesses say flames from the blast are up to 200 meter high, RIA Novosti reports.

The “Brotherhood” natural gas pipeline (Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod) is about one kilometer away from the nearest settlement. No injuries have been reported from the blast. Fire fighting crews have been deployed to the scene.

Operating since 1967, the “Brotherhood” is the largest consumer gas pipeline in Europe, clocking in at 4,451 km. It cuts through Ukraine and runs into Slovakia, where it diverges in two directions; with one part supplying gas to the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Switzerland, and the other to Austria, Italy, Hungary and several countries in the Balkans.

Pipeline faucets are being tuned off as fire fighters still can’t put out the flame.

As Bloomberg reports,

Relations between Russia and Ukraine have entered a new stage and are “moving closer towards a serious conflict”, said State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee chief Aleksei Pushkov.

Russia did not recognise unilateral border demarcation by Ukraine which was “contrary to all norms of international law”, Russia’s ITAR-TASS news agency quoted Pushkov as saying Tuesday.

“An attack on the Russian embassy, an attempted attack on the consulate-general in Odessa, insults to the Russian president, regular arrests of Russian journalists — I think this is a deliberate decision co-ordinated with the U.S — all these are links of one chain,” he said.

We are sure the explosion/fire on the pipeline will further this sentiment.



Coincidental “fire”?

2 thoughts on “Ukraine-Russia Near ‘Serious Conflict’ Following Explosion In Largest European Gas Transit Pipeline”

  1. According to US propaganda, the backing for ISIS comes from Saudi Arabia and Iran……….Iran again. Obama sure doesn’t give up………Iran is his target, has been for many years. According to US media propaganda machines, the Saudi’s and the Iranians are behind all this upheaval.
    I don’t know how the US will handle the Saudi’s being behind all this upheaval, but Iran is a name they have tried to attack in vain for years.
    The fact the Saudi’s were behind 911 is one the US has tried to hide for years. After the 911 attacks, when all the sky was cleared of planes except those moving the Bin Laden family cleared safely out of the US before the people got wind they were here…..that was washed out using US trash media.
    In my opinion, that was outright treason. My opinion, and $4.75 or so might buy you a latte somewhere………..Keeping the Bin Laden family and demanding the return of Bin Laden before release of them would have been far more profitable. But, who listens to a tired old historian? Think of the thousands of lives, limbs, and quality of life that might have been saved……..all in the quest of oil for the greedy bush family. That is what that war was about. I am tool old and tired to hide from the truth.
    What a corrupt, sad shell of our former greatness we have become.

  2. Forcing a war between Russia and the Ukraine is one that the Ukraine will quickly surrender becoming part of Russia, which is what they want anyway.
    The US game in forcing this war will not be forgotten…..or forgiven by either party for years to come. The US is now the rogue nation just as Germany was prior to WW2.
    What fools we have in power. God help us, nothing will stop the Ukraine and Russia from joining as one.
    The US will accomplish the opposite of what they wish, the entire re-unification of the USSR, and they are so stupid, they are doing all of Putin’s work for him. I bet Putin is breaking out the bubbly tonight.


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