Protesters Turn Over Russian Diplomats’ Cars, Drag Down Flag At Embassy In Kiev (PHOTOS)

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Protesters turn over Russian diplomats’ cars, drag down flag at embassy in Kiev (PHOTOS) (RT, June 14, 2014):

A few hundred Ukrainian protesters rallying at the Russian embassy in Kiev have overturned several diplomatic cars and piled up tires to block entry into the building. They have also and thrown stones, smoke grenades, eggs, and paint at the premises.

Police stood idly by as the anti-Moscow crowd blockaded the site.

The rally, which on Saturday started as a small picket in protest against the Russian government’s alleged involvement in the Ukrainian crisis, has attracted dozens of people and as many journalists.

Protesters have started breaking pavement and hurling rocks at the embassy’s windows, ITAR-TASS reports.

2 thoughts on “Protesters Turn Over Russian Diplomats’ Cars, Drag Down Flag At Embassy In Kiev (PHOTOS)”

  1. 1. Again, these “protestors” are US CIA agents.
    2. This is the US government trying to destroy Russia influence in a nation that is Russian by culture…….not too smart.
    3. Does anyone think a former leader of the KGB will not know how best to respond to these transparent methods?
    4. America is showing its fear. If the Ukraine and Kiev join with Russia, as they fully intend to do, the US will no longer be #1… isn’t now, but it still claims the role.
    5. This is really stupid of the US.


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