HOPING To Isolate Russia, US Woos China On Ukraine

How stupid can they get?

(I know I shouldn’t have dared to ask such a question.)


Here comes more hope …

Hoping to isolate Russia, US woos China on Ukraine (AP, June 10, 2014):

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is stepping up its attempts to court China’s support for isolating Russia over its military intervention in Ukraine.

With official comments from China appearing studiously neutral since the Ukraine crisis began, President Barack Obama spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping late Sunday in a bid to get Beijing off the fence.

The call was their first known conversation since Russian forces took control of Ukraine’s pro-Moscow Crimea region. It came amid signals that Russian President Vladimir Putin was hardening his position on Crimea, which is due to vote on joining Russia in a referendum this weekend that the U.S. and its allies have vowed not to recognize.

In making his case, Obama appealed to China’s well-known and vehement opposition to outside intervention in other nations’ domestic affairs, according to a White House statement.

However, it remained unclear whether China would side with the U.S. and Europe or with Moscow, which has accused the West of sparking the crisis in Ukraine with inappropriate “meddling” in the internal affairs of the former Soviet republic. China is a frequent ally of Russia in the U.N. Security Council, where both wield veto power.

In his conversation with Xi, Obama “noted his overriding objective of restoring Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and ensuring the Ukrainian people are able to determine their own future without foreign interference,” the White House said.

It said the two leaders “agreed on the importance of upholding principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity, both in the context of Ukraine and also for the broader functioning of the international system.” They also affirmed their interest in finding a peaceful resolution to the dispute.

Here’s Russia’s reaction:


4 thoughts on “HOPING To Isolate Russia, US Woos China On Ukraine”

  1. China, the oppressor of Tibet, Mongolia and anyone else it borders with, is little different from either Russia or the USA.
    But China needs Russia’s gas. Buys and co-builds all its Military equipment based on Russia.
    It also hasn’t got trillions in Russian debt.
    So any creeping attempt to smooth talk China into acting against Russia is doomed, but it will be funny to see how it pans out.
    Here’s Dr. Paul Roberts excellent brief essay od D-DAY and what it actually was.
    He must be frustrated & upset because his wording is similar to both Marilyn & Gerald Calente. A damn good read.


  2. To Squodgy: I agree with you, the US is wooing the wrong side. If I were in power, I would be doing all I could to win the Russians to my side, not the Chinese. The Chinese are adept liars and cheats……too much like the US, and their debt vulnerability is far higher than they are letting be known.
    I received a note from an economist friend, and it is predicted China will be the #1 economy by 2020, India #1 by 2050, and the US will be as forgotten as is Rome. I agree with the part about Rome, but I think the think tanks are highly under-rating Putin and Russia.
    If I were young, and in good health, I would emigrate to Russia…..it is the place to be. I think Russia will be the #1 economy by 2025, and I have no idea who will be #1 by 2050………I doubt if it is India….If it is, God help the world. I won’t be here to worry about it.

  3. This is beyond pathetic for the US. After doing all they could to start a war with them, and getting no takers, now they try this isolation game.
    The one being isolated is the US…….we have fools in power. The US is the rogue nation, not Russia.
    You cannot believe a word from China…..they lie about everything, but as Squodgy pointed out, they look to Russia for their gas.
    China has been divesting itself of US debt for years, so its debt holdings are far less than people believe. Like much of the world, they don’t consider US debt solid any longer. The majority of US lending comes from the FED who is keeping the national debt current……about 80%.
    The days of trillions of US debt in Chinese hands are long gone.

  4. Marilyn,
    My own experience with foreign Nations is limited. But I do recall one classic being Turkey, where we received an enquiry for a replacement item of some plant we’d made prior, through an agent.
    We quoted, and received an order., which we built and packed & shipped and invoiced.
    When no payment arrived, we chased it up, only to be told “An order doesn’t mean we’ll pay you”
    Lesson learnt.
    Point is, they all seem to have different understandings of honesty, morals, principles. Like the yids, after they’ve screwed you and can’t understand why you won’t deal with them again.
    They shrug and say “come on beeznis is beeznis”.
    Different standards.


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