1 thought on “Steve Forbes Predicts Stock Market Crash WORSE Than The 1930?s”

  1. Of course it will be worse, the amount of money printed is so at variance with true worth, it will be a nightmare.
    In 1929. the US was the world’s largest lending nation, our currency was backed with gold, and we were the largest emerging MFG country in the world.

    Today, it is the opposite.

    Also, though the crash affected the European world, the implosion was not global, as it will be this time. This time, you have China and their lies, the Eurozone with their Enron accounting and the US with their Enron accounting, derivatives, and all other strange money scams I cannot understand.
    85% of all US stock market transactions are High Frequency, skim and steal transactions that leave less in the market every minute. The remaining 15% is made up of real investors, but we don’t know what percentage is playing on margin………it isn’t a good prospect.
    The worst is what I read on this site. The market is kept stable by the FED putting $45 billion a month into the system to feed the greedy guts. The rest of it is all corporations buying back their own stock.
    How long can that last?
    It is down to days and weeks……there is nothing new or fresh going into the market. No new funds. New funds are going east to Putin’s country. He is paying 7.5% interest, offering a good return for parking your money there.
    The money and the growth are going east to Russia.

    China is being abandoned by its wealthy and major corporations. It is far easier to move factories to Vietnam, and destroy their land, than deal with the filthy conditions in China. Corporations, and their greed have destroyed China’s environment for all time………

    The Eurozone will suffer, too, they are tied to the US markets. But, they have E120 million coming in from Russia every year, so they may not suffer as badly as the US……time will tell. If they dump the dollar, it will collapse.


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