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The idea is to create a forum, that is independent from

A forum will be a much better platform to exchange news & views on every subject imaginable for all of us, than this simple blog.

I’ve been asked several years ago, by the same person who asked me if I would be willing to share my knowledge with the world via a website, if I would want to create a forum in addition to the website.

Back then I declined, as that would have meant – in my eyes – only one thing for me:

More work.

Now, that some of you have said, that they are willing to help, I believe the time for a forum has finally come.

What we need …

1. A license … We already have one! (Here:

2. People who are willing to be moderators, because otherwise the forum will turn into a spam hellhole in no time. Moderators would have to be willing to work their way into using vB (= playing around with the computer and having some patience).

3. A meaningful & catchy domain name that has not been taken. An example would be ‘’ (which is not available anymore). We should choose a name that is good for search engines.
Hopefully you can come up with some terrific suggestions.

How do you like the idea of creating a forum?

Let me know what you think.

You have the floor .

Infinite Unknown will continue as before.

8 thoughts on “Here’s An Idea For You”

  1. Speaking personally, I’ve seen these on many sites, and used them to search for information, but found that questions raised never led anywhere.
    As you state, on one nature forum/blog site I use, first of all idiots started posting stupid unrelated comments, and eventually, the sex contact thing started with dating requests. So I walked away.
    Am not against the idea, but will need to think. Do I have the time, and being in a time zone half a day away, what are the obligations?
    The site at present has a brilliant search facility and simple blog, but most importantly you do an excellent job filtering and editing to improve the message.

    Your site’s qualities speak for themselves, good clear design, initial brevity to hit the point, with optional links/videos/articles if it tickles our fancy, and we need more….otherwise we move on down the page.

    Checked out, and it seems user friendly, so it all needs chewing on….is there a rush? Or can we take it gently.

    I don’t want you to lose heart, as that is letting the bastards get to you.What was it cigar smoking Clinton said?

    • @squodgy,

      There is no rush.

      No obligations.

      The only problem is to keep the forum pure & clean (… and that is a problem!).

      Which is one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, why I’ve refused to do it before.

      I just did not want to play Legolas, fighting all those orcs.


      We can keep everything as is and just forget about the forum.

      It was just an idea.

      As a side note:

      Just before I’ve posted this proposal I’ve deleted all spam comments and now I already have 752 new ones.

      Without the spam filter there would be no comments possible on this site.

      And Bill Clinton is using not just marijuana.

      He is using hard drugs.

      Just get some of his hair examined.

  2. Again, I’ve been on some, just reading the comments, and find, especially from USA the use of crude language is offensive, unnecessary & divisive.

    Don’t get me wrong, I pride myself in swearing at the right time with correct inflection, and being English, we are the best, but I found that every sentence interspersed with F’s, C’s, T’s and A holes just inane and ineffective.

    However, that is just my viewpoint & others may and will disagree.

    • @squody,

      Yes, too many people on these forums do not know how to peacefully exchange information anymore and just start insulting each other.

      And how can you possibly wake up people that do not have the slightest respect for their fellow human beings?

      When studying acupuncture in China I was sitting in class besides somebody from London.

      Yes, you are the best in swearing. No doubt about that.

      Everybody saying otherwise has not the foggiest idea what he/she is talking about.

    • A forum would have been a perfect way for all of you to make your own posts.

      You could post newsworthy articles, links and also let others know your thoughts about them.

      This way you would have not to set up your own website and do everything on your own (… or hope that I will post your links.)

      If several people would be willing to watch over the forum to protect its purpose of exchanging information and opinions in a respectful manner, …

      … then this forum could have the “firepower” of a Heckler-Koch-G36 …


      … and the precision of an AS50 …


      … compared to Infinite Unknown’s firepower, which (optimistically) is maybe equivalent to that of a simple and humble glock …


      And yes, a forum has the disadvantage of inviting spammers, trolls and disinfo agents that want to ruin your work, but members that clearly do not respect the purpose of this forum (exchanging information in a respectful manner) could be deleted.

  3. Perhaps people could start by sending you links of news stories as I have. If the spam filter is powerful enough to get rid of idiots, keep it in place.
    The problem with moderators, such as they had on Huffington Post, is that they end up deleting thoughtful comments because they don’t agree with the author……my stuff got deleted by a lot of those idiots, and I left.
    I don’t know what to say because I don’t know enough about forums to comment.
    If a few of us were willing to provide pertinent news stories, that might do it?

    • @Marilyn,

      When researching the net for the most comprehensive list on how people can protect themselves against radiation I came across this:

      In a forum you could directly post whatever news stories you may find interesting and let others know what you think about it.

      And your post could be easily be found by others on the internet.

      A forum has the potential to become a treasure of information, …

      … but as I’ve said it needs a good team of moderators.

  4. I truly believe that a forums / bbs would be the better platform for exchange and discussion. People could ask questions, and people can search the forum for lots of stuff, its like a forever archive. However as it has beeen mentioned earlier, unfort. forums attract a lot of spam, hence moderation is absolutly crucial.

    there are a few tools too lock most spam bots out, imho is a very good captcha what captcha software cant break, also additionally there is: and Spam o Matic
    where you cant post links for XX many forum posts.

    but imho, on invite only is the most secure to have spam blocked out, just not user freindly at all 😀

    the other thing would be a extended survey to get a account, all those things are annoying for the users, but then, it prevents spam just excellent. And its a one time thingie.

    There is another side to a forum …. the enemy is always around, as matter of fact it has beeen proven that there are paid posters which mislead people as as per job description, most of them work for the pharma industries, so overall a forum is not that easy, but i believe for humankind it would be really resssourcefull and it would be important for US THE PEOPLE to have something like that.


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