Cases Of ‘Chemtrail Cough’ Exploding Nationwide


Cases Of “Chemtrail Cough” Exploding Nationwide (Planet Infowars, May 28, 2014):

While everyone continues to talk about unimportant issues like Ukraine, mass shooters and Bilderberg (all distractions in my view) the greatest environmental catastrophe that our species has ever seen is unfolding right in front of us and barely a whimper of resistance is forming from libertarians and truth seekers.

Have you noticed that everyone around you is congested and coughing? I am calling this new syndrome “chemtrail cough.” My wife is coughing, I am coughing and now even our dogs are coughing. In just four years death by respiratory disease has skyrocketed from 8th in the world to 3rd and possibly even 2nd.

If someone in congress receives a letter with a little bit of white powder in it the capitol is evacuated and the media freaks out and starts screaming “terrorists.” However right over their heads hundreds of tons of nano aluminum and barium are being sprayed on them daily and yet nobody seems to care.

Yesterday I heard Alex Jones start his broadcast by saying his throat hurt and his voice was messed up because of something in the air but he didn’t know what it was.

Just one hour before his show started I heard the world’s leading expert on the subject of chemtrails and geoengineering (Dane Wiginton) conduct an interview and he sounded terrible too.

Alex often talks about what people will put up with. One of his ideas is to go door to door in Austin and ask homeowners if it would be ok to put cameras in their bedrooms and then record their responses. Of course no sane person would allow that yet they do allow the nsa and countless other agencies and private corporations to do exactly the same thing via their smart tv’s and smart phones.

Here’s my idea. How would anyone from Infowars or any other patriot radio show like it if I cornered your kid somewhere, opened a can of bug spray and emptied the entire can on their face? You probably wouldn’t like it too much and yet you tolerate the EXACT same thing to be done to your kids on a daily basis by bill gates and the rest of the geo-engineering fanatics.

How is this not the number one story in the world all day and every day? Has everyone in the alternative media lost their minds too? We know that nano sized particulate of aluminum is very harmful to the brain and is responsible for killing everything that lives and yet it is rarely discussed and very little effort is directed to exposing it and stopping it. Don’t people understand that if we don’t stop this right now there will be nothing left to live and fight for?

They are turning the sky over the entire country white daily. I have saved these recent satellite images to illustrate just how much material they are dumping on us. The sprayers repeat the same pattern day after day with very few exceptions.

Satellite Images

4 thoughts on “Cases Of ‘Chemtrail Cough’ Exploding Nationwide”

  1. Not just nationwide.
    In NZ they call it the 100 day cough.
    In UK for the past three years in Doctors Surgeries they’ve had posters asking patients to contact them if they are suffering from a persistent cough.
    Of course the Gov don’t acknowledge the cause.
    That’s Government……translated to GOVERN=Rule
    and MENT = mental

  2. What about the trash in the air from Fukushima, factories, refineries, and vehicle emissions? It is everything, dirty technology rules the world…..into extinction.

  3. I have developed this chemtrail cough too, I have had it for a dew days now, I live in the UK, eat organic food and drink RO water, I am usually very healthy apart from suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. What is unusual is that I have developed a very painful lower back with this cold, when I cough is hurts and I cannot walk or move without pain, it is worse when I am in a environment with mobile phones and Wi-Fi, this radiation stops my leg muscles from working properly and combined with this I feel quite physically disabled. My brother has had this cold for weeks, his cold is also giving him pain in his chest muscles and he says it is hard to breath when he coughs. I looked on the Illuminati’s Germ-Trax website and all over the UK people are reporting the same tickly cough. I wonder if the cold virus is from the new black “Smokers” chemtrails being reported now?


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