I Have Decided To Post Less Articles In The Future


… and here is why:

In March of 2008 I’ve decided to set up Infinite Unknown, because I wanted to inform my future readers about …

… the coming financial/economic collapse, the ‘Greatest Depression’, the police state, the New World Order,  microchips, GMOs, processed foods & excitotoxins (like aspartame and MSG), water fluoridation, chemtrails, vaccinations, climate change, Big Pharma, mind-control, electrosmog, terrorism, war crimes,depopulation, genocide, WW3 and many other subjects.

“How dreadful knowledge of the truth can be when there’s no help in the truth.”
– Sophocles

… and so I’ve provided my readers with solutions on how to protect their financial & physical health in a rapidly deteriorating environment.

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality.”
– Michael Ellner

Since 1999, long before the creation of Infinite Unknown, I’ve advised people to invest in physical gold (and later also in silver).

In my opinion it is still wise to invest in gold and silver in order to protect one’s financial assets. However, water and food supplies are a must.

Learning how to live a self-sustainable lifestyle and acquiring a remote farm is highly recommended for those who can afford it (without going into debt!).

On physical health:

There is not one disease that cannot be healed, or at least stopped in its progress and I’ve posted many articles and videos on how you can heal yourself.

It is NOT normal to have diabetes, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, gout, skin diseases, allergies, asthma, bad eyesight & hearing, dementia and all those diseases of civilisation … not even at an old age.

They are called diseases of ‘civilisation’ for good reason.

Yet, it is absolutely disgusting to see how a society (that ironically has lost all knowledge on how to keep the body healthy and vital) in it’s obsession with youth disregards old people and treats them as being totally expendable.

This just as an example how brainwashed and totally lost the people have become.

The sheeple know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

And the biggest trend on the planet is that ‘ the people don’t want to know’, …

… because the truth ‘may’ be threatening their small ideal world.

The truth may be painful, but by not wanting to know the truth the sheeple rob themselves from the opportunity to create and find solutions to whatever problems that they will sooner or later have to face anyway.

They really rather prefer to get screwed and destroyed, than to open their eyes and to think for themselves. So sad.

The sheeple have no concern anymore to what happens to other people, as long as it doesn’t directly affect them and their small ideal world.

It’s sometimes hard to believe what nonsense is coming out of the sheeple’s mouth:

“Fukushima is far away … So what?”

“If America collapses it will not affect Europe. And I really  don’t give a f**** about what is happening in the US.”

This guy has studied economics and is a personal coach and he really knew a lot about how the system is constructed and by whom and about why it will eventually have to collapse, but this is what came out of his mouth:

“If the entire financial/economic system collapses on Friday the baker will still make bread on Monday. There is no need to prepare. And even if I will lose everything, I am not afraid, because together we will rebuild everything.”

Priceless! Well, good luck then.

And here’s the ultimate reason (I’ve been given) for not having to prepare for what is coming:

“Through all times people have survived catastrophes.”

Many activists have said that the people are finally beginning to wake up, but now it looks like they just may have turned around and went back to sleep.

Maybe we have confused the sheeple looking up from their smartphones with an awakening?

If ever there is an awakening happening right now, then it seems to be way too slow (and too late).

So many people all around the planet dedicate a lot of their time to wake the people up.

I thought that together we could maybe stop and change what the eltists have planned for us, but now it doesn’t look like this is going to work out so well.

It is pointless and a waste of time & energy to try to wake people up that really don’t want to know.

I hope I am wrong.

That said, here finally is why I’ve finally decided to post less articles in the future:

Donations in May were € 10 (monthly donation by S.).

I’ve made 666 posts (the number is cleary an accident) in May.

That’s 1, 5 cent per post.

I call that unsustainable.

€ 250 of the total of € 300 in donations in April came from people I know. They are also readers, but their donation wasn’t really intended for my work at the website. They’ve just donated via the website, so that I could not refuse to accept their money.

‘Sneaky’ people they are.

For the first few years I did not care whether the website will generate any income or not, because I wanted to inform my readers about all those subjects I’ve mentioned above.

If there had been greater support I would have continued.

I will not stop posting articles entirely.

I’ve decided to work about 1 hour a day (30 hours a month) on the website.

So  I am not just walking away.

Infinite Unknown

39 thoughts on “I Have Decided To Post Less Articles In The Future”

  1. I understand your frustration. But, without Infinite Unknown, information on Fukushima and on the real case of the world economy will become even harder to find.
    What you are saying is that the greedy guts have won.
    Perhaps you are right.
    I am sorry to see you step back because you are a very valuable person on line today, but I understand where you are coming from…..ignorance is the most frustrating force to fight, and when you have the US media which is the most highly polished and infinitely funded force out there against you…….I can understand.
    Perhaps if more people contributed articles for you? Would that help? I have sent you articles I have found digging around in hopes they might reach a few more people.
    None of us have the funds to overtake and ruin US media. The only way that can be stopped is when people turn it off……..
    Thank you for all you have done.
    I hope you do continue as much as you can……there are so few sites out there that tell the truth………for an Information Age, we are being catapulted into the Dark Ages…..
    When you see people chasing ghosts and witchcraft……you know the society is moving backwards.
    I wish I had some answers. You have such wisdom, and so much to say, it will be a great loss to those of us who value your work.

    • @Marilyn Gjerdrum,

      Thank you for your kind words and for all your links and comments.

      It’s good to know that people like you are still out there.

      In my opinion the greedy guts will lose. If they only knew what their elite masters have planned for them, then they would instantly transform themselves into fierce freedom fighters.

      I will continue.

      Infinite Unknown

  2. Dear T,
    I fully empathise & concur with your reasoning.
    Your content choice has been a good and valid reflection of the causes we as a race in the so called “western civilisation” have collectively allowed to infiltrate our lives negatively, and which are now being aggressively enforced as the normal or standard by which we adhere.
    Like you, I have tried to ‘educate’ as gently as possible, only to receive sad smiles of ridicule and an epithet ‘crank’.
    The progression of the demise is, as I have labelled it many times, INCREMENTAL. Each category of applied destruction is executed in small but regular steps, be it food, climate, health, economics, security, policing, freedom, monitoring, but the reality is, the classic American psyche doesn’t see it, and more importantly, doesn’t WANT to see it.
    Your crusade is much appreciated by me in particular, but also several others. It has been a responsive and welcome sounding board for our own thoughts and frustrations….to know it’s not just us who feel this way.
    On the subject of donations, it is the same everywhere. And that is a problem, because as thinking people see the MSM churning out free and subsidised brain-mashing nonsense people, they don’t join the dots and realise these ‘alternative truthful sites’ cost to keep going.
    I’ve been emailing links in the hope hits will generate income, but seemingly not enough, and perhaps more support will persuade you to not give up.
    It is sad that your gentle hints these last five months have not borne fruit, but I understand your feelings, it must be a disappointment and it is a sad reflection on the selfish ways of we sheeple.
    They’ve all got their heads so far up their arses they think it can’t mean them! But when the big one eventually hits them hard on the back of the head, and they turn round asking ‘what was that?’, maybe they will just recall the little bird who kept them informed that they couldn’t be bothered feeding.

    • @squodgy,

      I am sure you know that I’ve not made my decision lightly.

      Thank you for your support.

      It is much appreciated.

      I think that when finally the shit hits the fan the sheeple will get completely wiped out, as they will find themselves to be woefully unprepared to weather the storm.

      I believe we are right now in the center of the hurricane, which I think is the reason why so many people on the surface seem to have this false sense of security, but at the same time cannot explain why they feel so restless inside and experience all these emotional disturbances and poor sleep.

      The right hemishpere of the brain (in right-handed people) is processing information ‘simultaneous’ at about 40 to 60 billion bits per second and it knows the future and tries hard to alarm the brain owner.

      But the brain owner, who has been trained to use predominantly his left hemisphere since childhood, which is processing information ‘serial’ at only 2000 to 20,000 bits per second never learned how to relax and produce sufficient alpha brain waves, so that the vital information that the right hemispere is constantly providing could make it via the corpus callosum into the left hemisphere to be finally realized by the conscious mind.

      And so the people just feel an uneasiness, but cannot explain why.

      And here we come telling their left brain all the good and logical reasons why they really should feel an uneasyness inside of them.

      Their right hemisphere immediately springs to life trying to tell them to listen to what we have to say, but instead of listening to what we have to say they immediately go into full protection mode and shut the door behind them, because the only thing they were sensing was an even increased feeling of uneasiness when talking to us.

      I’ve just been trying to make some sense of the crazy behaviour of the sheeple.

  3. In reply to Squodgy: I have also tried to educate Americans, and it has been a dismal failure. They (as you put it so well) don’t want to know the truth. I am convinced this sick denial will lead this society to destruction, and as a historian……perhaps ancient ones died from similar causes. Nobody wants to face the fact extinction is on the horizon, be it of our civilization or our lives.

    The end is no longer in our future, it is facing us now, and there has been no change…..none at all, in the attitudes of fools. Right now, US media covers the following: “we didn’t negotiate with the enemy” according to Chuck Hagel on CNN, KLM is the oldest airline still using its original name on CNNI…….I never heard of it……Russia-Ukraine Gas Talks on BBC, Taliban accused of violence in Afghanistan…..3 more people dead……..on One America News…..a new propaganda station since I last looked, Fox….Higher Utility bills feared, Fox Business, shilling investments (overseas, of course), CNBC, will investigation put Mickelson’s sponsorship at risk? Of what, I don’t know or care. Bloomberg, Tom Piketty, “Capital in the 21st century” book shilling…….MSNBC: legality of releasing Gitmo prisoners?”

    What total tripe. What trash, what irrelevant crap!

    How can people watch this nonsense?
    I only use the TV for movies and entertainment because there is no real truth to be found on the cable “news that isn’t” channels…….it is propaganda, obfuscation, and outright lies. They don’t cover one word of real truth.

    What about the market? Half kept afloat by FED $45 billion monthly installments, half of what it was 90 days ago…. less than half the world uses the dollar any longer. The other half is made up of corporations buying back their own stock……there is NO FRESH money or investments coming into the US because this is a dead economy…..there is nothing new or alive in our markets.

    As for environment, we have Fukushima, WA and NM. I had one idiot write to inform me I didn’t have the knowledge to understand the math, but the radiation from Japan was far too small to be concerned about. He provided no numbers, just told me I could not understand.

    I have worked with some of the finest minds of my era from the best schools, and have never been informed I was not capable of understanding any area of science or engineering I had an interest in. But, this fool who had no data to back up his assertions claimed all the answers and reassurances I need not worry.

    I live in CA, and it is pretty obvious we are surrounded. We also have a nuclear mess in San Diego that is getting no coverage……….Only a fool would think we were not in trouble.

    I want to thank Infinite Unknown from the bottom of my heart for all the good information and time you have given to those of us who were doing all we could to learn while confronting a black wall of denial…….your information helped many you have never heard about. I had many people contact me to ask what to do with pets in rainy weather, what to do about walking them? All sorts of questions we could find no answers for from our government I found here, and was able to give to many others you have never heard about.

    I thank you for them as well as for me. Embracing ignorance never made any sense to me, but I was fortunate to have grown up in the Golden Era of America. Some folks put our pinnacle at 1963…….I put it at 1957 when Russia beat us into space, and we spent a fortune on top line public schools, universities and research labs.
    My mother (like all my aunts) taught school, and we had the newest and the best textbooks, supplies and P.E. was an essential part of our education. No slobs were allowed….it was a good time to live in America.

    Now, teachers have to spend from their own paychecks to have enough textbooks for the kids, same with paper, and supplies. They are also pushing an Orwellian drive for computers with electronic reading and grades….handwriting is considered an ability of the past, and no longer necessary. I really fear for the future, but I am here today, not then…….thank goodness. How far we have fallen.

    I don’t think mankind will survive. I won’t be here to see them perish, that is one kindness understanding and education has given me…….I have no intention of waiting to be cooked from the inside out.

    I have an illness that will also help me escape this madness, but I feel for the children of these fools who refuse to look at the truth…….and there are far more fools than anyone else.

    I remember (40 years ago) a philosophy put out by a psychologist, or an MD……don’t recall. It put humanity into three basic types, the endomorph, the ectomorph, and the mesomorph. The mesomorph indicates muscle, and they were the strongest, and most likely to survive. The endomorph was almost unheard of….that is the person whose fat cells dominate…..and when I was growing up, fat people were not seen on every street corner as they are now………and they are a product of overconsumption, not a good specimen for long term survival. They often have things wrong with them physically, not to mention psychologically. Today, they have their own fat slob rights groups……to show one how far we have fallen.

    The others, the ectomorphs, were of nerves, they had asthma, and other illnesses that often caused them to die off as children. The mesomorphs were the dominant species, and the others have evolved thanks to our sick society.

    I think it still makes sense. I used to be a mesomorph……now, I have a rare disease of the spine they could not detect 40 years ago, and fortunately, I will be able to escape this madness before much longer. It is likely my grandmother had it, too, that explains her early demise from similar problems…..I just refused all the surgeries except for ones when the back broke in places and they had to do repair work. Normal spines don’t break for no reason.

    It is very difficult to get people to accept truths they don’t want. Even a friend or two who agree with me often tell me they “cannot” think about it…….too negative.
    So be it. My time is about up, and I think, so is our civilization and our species.

  4. I’m sorry that you feel the way you do about the matter and I understand your frustrations. I have told many people about the things going on all around us. I get the same stupid response, ” it doesn’t affect me”. You can lead the people to water but you can’t make them drink!!
    Thank you for the plethora of information you have given us! I wish you the best in all you do:)

  5. Sad to hear. I have been sick and unemployed for many years now and this site has been very important to me. Getting the truth and not the spin is what keeps me coming back many times thru the day. To catch an update or to read the comments often helped me to feel I am not alone in my feelings about what is going on in the world around us. I’ve told many about the site as I talk with them so they might understand just how deep it goes. I have only donated once this year but by doing so I had to give up one of my medicines for a month. Times are hard.

    The fight for freedom is hard and long. Some give there lives and others spread the word. Most don’t even know there is a war on freedom but the founding fathers knew that we must keep up the fight or we will lose. Lose not only what we have come to count on but everything that everyone has fought for till now, all will be lost.

    I will keep coming to see what has been posted and I will start reading more on other sites to find the gems lost in the fields garbage.

    A very smart man told me of another smart man that said,
    “The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either. – Benjamin Franklin”

    I guess I’m a little surprised to see this happen this way. I thought it would be the end of the internet or government or even a solar flare that would have to happened for this site to slow down on its fight for freedom.

    Thank You for all that you do for us and I hope it has not been to hard on you.

    I was reading that Putin might release some satellite pictures from 9-11 that could be damning to the us gov. Not sure if they show no response or committing the crime.

    • @john,

      Please do NOT donate anymore (especially if you have to give up anything as important as your medicines for it).

      If you want to let me know about your disease send me an email and I will tell you what I would do if I were you.

      Maybe I can find a way to help you.

      Infinite Unknown

  6. This is nonsense. Post less articles? You better shut down your site all together then. You can’t inform people with just a fraction of what of what you have been posting so far. You very well know that we need you, so don’t behave like a boyfriend who threatens to love his girlfriend a bit less from now on, because she didn’t show enough attention for her. That is not an option. You either split or you continue the relationship as before, but with a better understanding. A good idea would be that you let us know who you are and I for one will certainly donate, as i told you before. Another option is that you let your site be accessible only with a login name and password that can be bought, because most people don’t want to be the only fool who donates, while all others read the site for free. On the other hand I have the feeling that maybe you are hiding the real reason why you want to slow down, and in that case it is useless to try to convince you to continue as before.

    • @Lana,

      I do not want to become ‘The Infinite Unknown Times of London’ that only gives access to those who can afford membership.

      In the clinic I’ve treated many patients who could not afford our help (almost) free of charge.

      I don’t want to miss one of them being my patient.

      I would rather delete the entire website, than to exclude those who cannot afford to give.

      In an ealier comment you’ve said:

      “In a world where there is so much disinformation, it is important that you give yourself a face, so that people can give you their trust.”

      Now you say:

      “On the other hand I have the feeling that maybe you are hiding the real reason why you want to slow down, and in that case it is useless to try to convince you to continue as before.”

      So if you still think that I could be a disinformer, then what is it that makes you come back to the website?

      Even if I let you know who I am, I could very well still be a disinformer and probably a much more efficient one at that.

      The web is full of disinformers that have a nice biography, a lot of followers and are bought & paid for.

      And I am NOT one of them.

      Aren’t your feelings also telling you that I am real?

      On love:

      You say: ‘…because most people don’t want to be the only fool who donates, while all others read the site for free.’

      The secret of how to acquire love is…

      … ‘by giving love’.

      So the only fool that gives (donates) may not be a fool after all.

      Infinite Unknown

  7. I would like to say that I have enjoyed reading and keeping up to date with
    Information that is posted on this site. I do not believe that the normal American
    Sheeple will ever wake up until this ever increasing tyrannical government comes knocking on there door step in person or until it affects them in a negative way personly. In TEXAS things are still pretty good relatively speaking in terms of jobs and income. I have noticed though that it tends to make people around me complacent to what’s going on around the rest of the nation. It is websites like these that are nescessary and vital to what’s really going on. Before you throw in the towel completely I ask you to consider this, as the collapse continues and gets worse (dollar completely loses value) people will begin to wake up from there TV REALITY SHOW INDUCED COMA and start looking for real information and answers. That is where you come in, so I ask that you take a short break from the current seemingly lost cause you been fighting and come back to the website in full force when it is needed most. FYI… I have recommended your website to many others that I feel are beginning to wake up what’s happening around us in this nation. I have gotten posative responses from those who have taken my advice. Put the information needed to donate on a separate link somewhere so that when new readers get comfortable with your lagitamacy they can easily donate.

  8. To Lana, I can see you don’t have a lot of experience, or you would not say such things. It is the lack of interest in the truth that is painful, not money…….my friend at Infinite Unknown is putting out truth that many don’t want to read…..they would rather believe the US is as it was in 1950………they don’t want to face the fact the plutocrats have taken over once again. They took over in the 19th century, but there were lots of newspapers, and other means of information available……but that is now gone.
    Today, AOL, Huffington Post, and a number of American propaganda sites are the ones that come up first, telling stories of amusement and interest……..no truth.
    All the true information is hidden, and those sites that have the money to get first attention are the ones people see.
    The smart phones come up with the same sites.
    As a result, sites like IU are not being read, and that is the problem.
    He isn’t quitting, he is cutting back.
    Perhaps people like me, and other folks can send him links to put up.
    He needs help.
    I hope he gets it.
    Few Americans want to face the dreadful truths that are now coming, and it isn’t next year, it is now.
    I hope you realize this site needs help and money…..support from those who recognize the value of what he is giving us.
    The US has been hijacked.
    I hope more realize it.

  9. To my friend at IU. I hope you will accept our help.
    Many of us know that the US has been hijacked, and we must help in order to fight it. I know you have done all you can, and please let us help you if we can.
    We appreciate your work more than we can say.

  10. We also understand you are cutting back, not quitting.
    Let us know how we can help.
    You need a team, you don’t have to do it alone.
    Truth is a hard thing to find in the Information Age……

    • @Marilyn Gjerdrum,

      I’ve just contacted the webmaster, who asked me in 2008, if I am willing to share my knowledge with the world by creating this blog.

      I remember how he in the beginning always told me not to work so much on the website, but later he came up with the idea of creating an independent forum.

      Back then I declined, as it would have meant even more work for myself, but if you, hopefully also squodgy, and some other readers would be willing to moderate the forum, then that could become a wonderful place for all of you to exchange ideas and news.

      Those of you that are willing to look after the forum could be given admin rights.

      That is what I am working on right now.

      I’ve also asked him before, if there are payment systems, other than PayPal, that we could set up, but I’ve been told to stick to PayPal.

      Infinite Unknown

  11. Dear Infinite Unknown

    In the desert of misinformation engulfing TV, Radio, and Internet, we are constantly bombarded with messages how we should live our lives, and how things will go on in future. By picking up pieces here and there of another world, a world of truth with different points of view, based on facts and backed by logic, it has allowed many of us to swim out of this gelly substance we are stuck in like prey waiting to be sucked dry by the big spider. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your hard work in showing a glimpse of what a world could be if we are all a little more courageous, in speaking our minds, and letting the truth speak contrary to what may an accepted notion of things be.

    I’m not in the best financial situation right now to make a monetary donation but I would gladly to take it on the chin for you, as the saying goes, to put my share of energy in helping you build this site up. If I can write a story, from political events past or present, health articles,…etc. or just contribute with graphics, advertising, and pictures I’d be glad to do that. I’m very capable individual so please feel free to contact me.

    Keep collecting the broken pieces of the mirror so that one day we can all together piece it together and see what a place we live in. There is nothing better in this world for a person than to know his/her’s mission in this life, following truth, honor, respect, and principles.

    So it goes to say that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, hence, by giving you receive, it’s been proven by science!

    Yours truly,

    • @truthseeker4,

      If you want to write an article let me know on what subject you would want to write about.

      And please only give, if you have.

      Thank you!

      Infinite Unknown

  12. John,
    You are a gem. Thankyou for showing us up.
    IU is one of the most balanced sites I have come across in my 20 years on the internet. After seeing all the deviousness and hurt, the corruption and lies, it must be hard to not just give up and climb into his own capsule, but he persevered and we thank T for taking the most difficult route, to enlighten the likes of us poor misguided sheeple.
    Lana, these days, it is right to be cynical and sceptical (yes I spelt it as from the Oxford English Dictionary), and believe me, I have been conned more times than you have had hot dinners, but sometimes you can feel sincerity. An example is the Zen Gardener site, but to me, the most enjoyable is IU, and it has my full support.

  13. I love your website, why don’t you let us know how much you would need per month to keep doing your outstanding work, if you still care I mean, you just have to keep a donation list and be honest about it, I have trust in you, and we ll see if people will really help or not, this is the only way you will see the value of your website, also I wish you could get some money from other websites to put some advertising to keep you motivated, I wish you all the best and I thank you very much for all the work you done already, thank you big time.

    • @lucky cogito,

      Thank you!

      You can look up all donations that have ever been made since March 2008 here:


      I have been working several hours per day on the website.

      Finding good articles is relatively easy for me (also because Marilyn, squodgy and other readers are sending me excellent links), but it takes a lot of time to post them on the website.

      I could post 40 interesting articles per day, if posting them would not take so long.

      Sometimes I’ve only stopped working, because I’ve experienced microsleep moments, just sitting in front of the screen.

      I am healthy and usually filled vital energy, especially since I’ve completely changed my diet and came out the other side of the detoxification process, but when I get that tired I know it is time to get some rest.

      I have enough money to live. I know a lot of good things that I could do, if I had more money and that money would not only be helping myself, but others as well.

      I do not want to count the hours of work and the costs and come up with a number and put a banner somewhere on the website to remind my readers of how much money I will still need to achieve my monthly goal, like all these other websites do.

      Maybe I am to naive and should consider doing this.

      Infinite Unknown

  14. I cannot think of not reading you every day. I am very old and you are my shining star of reason. Until I found your articles I thought the game was lost. You must take care of you! I will miss you. Thank you. It is true, you do not know what you have until you do not have it. Thank you for all you do does not say what you mean to all of us.

  15. Hi John,
    You were THE eye opener for me. Since I came across your site I can’t wait for your new posts. You are needed to inform the ones who want (need) to know.
    I beg you, don’t give up, keep us few posted. You made me aware and alert what’s really happening around us. This has changed my husband’s and my life to the better. We tried hard to convince family and friends to become preppers as well, but………..
    Others than that, I can only sign what has already stated above!

    You are a great man
    With my dearest respect

  16. I’m sat here at sunset in Cumbria, England. It’s been a good day, rain this morning, sunny afternoon, and now after three hours of non-stop chemtrails, the blue has gone, replaced by a white veil with HAARP patches. So, rain tomorrow or thursday.
    Searching websites for non standard alternative media answers is an arduous task, yet with I.U., you can always rely on learning about things you couldn’t dream up, but which are so relevant to our lives.
    There’s no sensationalism, or scaremongering, just a very well edited conglomeration of updates on diverse subjects which we have all learned are part of an intricate pattern, much of it aimed at our destruction.
    For my part, I’ve taken much on board & adjusted my habits and practices to at least accommodate most preventative steps needed to protect me & mine from the inevitable, contrived events programmed for us.
    Of course, the epithet ‘crank’ comes to mind….but who cares, the site is thoroughly enjoyable to read, the blogs are equally fascinating, and despite those sick grins I get when trying to raise a point and educate, I look forward to the updates…nay…like so many others…I’ve become addicted!

  17. @Marilyn Gjerdrum. You claim to “see that I don’t have a lot of experience”. As an patronizing attitude towards my personality this can certainly count.
    In a dialogue about a subject it is perhaps better to confine yourself to objective arguements, rather than making suppositions about the identity of the person you are talking to.
    During 18 years of my life i have been a general manager/crisis manager abroad for several international manufacturing companies. In between assignments i took part in, among others, projects in Gulu in Northern Uganda, of which one was about defending youngsters who were locked up in the terrible prisons there, just because they had no money to afford a lawyer. Nowadays I spend a reasonable part of my income and time on helping young girls in South-East Asia who try to regain their freedom from people how abuse them in one way or another.
    I recently studied quantum physics to get more informed on some astonishing new technologies which are now now driving what Catherine Austin Fitts calls ‘the breakaway society’, as well as to understand the importance of consciousness and how consciousness can create or modify reality. But of course in your imagination I don’t have enough ‘experience’ to talk on ‘your level’.
    Your mindset appears to be predominantly negative, which is reflected in sentences such as “I don’t think mankind will survive. So be it. My time is about up, and I think, so is our civilization and our species.”. You call everybody else ‘fools’ and ‘children of fools’. That is probably exactly where the ‘powers that be’ want to have you as well as the rest of us: demoralized, profoundly negative souls who have given up their believe in their own creative power. Your mind has been controlled very effectively. And sadly, you seem to confuse your own mental state with the one of the rest of us.
    You also talk about your ‘probably hereditary illness’. I would advise you to take a look at some of the lectures of Bruce Lipton on YouTube, which were probably also posted on this site (The biology of belief. The Field. The biology of transformation). You might find out what recent science has come up with about these matters.
    It is my opinion that more and more people are getting informed about what is really going on in the world, or call it ‘this reality’. Of course there are also a lot of people who have no idea about it and whose only source of ‘information’ are the ridiculously biased mainstream media. But if only the well informed people would join and provide resistance to the dominant powers, then a lot could change already. For years we have had several hosts on online radio shows or on dedicated internet sites informing us about various aspects of the totalitarian regime / corporate fascism that is building up in the world and about the financial scams that have been purposely created to achieve it. However I don’t think we need yet another ‘salonfähiger” revolutionary speaker. What we need are leaders who can unite the people and who put into reality what they preach. But of course anyone who sticks out his head is almost certain to be abandoned by the very people he or she is trying to defend. A possible conclusion is that mankind gets the very leadership that it deserves, or otherwise put: we get the reality that we jointly created. Perhaps developing one’s own consciousness and joining others is the only way forward, and not your own ‘death’, the death of your body that has reflected your soul in this particular reality.

  18. @Infinite:
    – I never said that you are a ‘disinformer’ and I’m sure you can determine that yourself by reading my words. I said that in a world where there is so much disinformation, personal trust is very important. You have just made an invalid deduction. You speak about the hospital where you work(ed), your patients, etc., but you stop short of revealing your own identity. What is it that keeps you behaving as a ‘mystery guest’? What stops you from being open to the people you want so much to inform? Your argument that you could be an even more efficient disinformer if you revealed your identity is unfounded . You probably mean that a person whose identity is known might as well be a disinformer. That is true. But at least then people have more possibilities to inform themselves about that person. If one knows the identity of the person providing the information, then it is possible to take into consideration the behavior and the expressed opinions of that person throughout his or her life and to make up one’s own mind about that person and the information. That has nothing to do with being a disinformer or not, but everything to do with mutual respect and trust. And if you are so reluctant to reveal your own identity for fear that you might suffer negative consequences, then how can you expect that the people whom you have been informing about the evils in the world will have the courage to stand up against it? Or you will keep on calling only thém ‘sheeple’?
    – I also don’t like your remark: ‘So if you still think that I could be a disinformer, then what is it that makes you come back to the website?’. It is a bit childish and slightly intimidating. I already said that I didn’t call you a disinformer, and simply because I would like to know who you are, so that I could have a better contact with you and donate, you try to ward me off with such a trivial rhetorical question. Be careful that you don’t end up rejecting any questions about yourself and thus behaving like the people you have been warning us about for so long.
    – You say that you would rather delete your whole website than to ask money for access and thus exclude the people who cannot afford it to read your articles. But in the mean time you inadvertently cut down your publications seriously because you don’t get enough donations, with which you are excluding everybody, including the ones who “can’t afford it”. It is like chopping off your head because your tooth aches. Nevertheless, I am inclined to believe that people who are able to comprehend your posted articles have a rather elevated level of education and often pay for a fast internet connection, so it is hard to believe that they could not afford paying even a small amount for the access to your site. Comparing poor patients who can’t afford expensive medical treatment to educated people who can’t be convinced to make a small donation for something they value, is a limping analogy. Moreover nothing stops you from providing an exception to people who really can’t afford it, e.g.: giving it to them ‘almost free of charge’ as you do now with your patients. In this way your argument that poor people would be excluded makes no sense.
    – If you don’t agree with my opinion on why people don’t donate to you while most of us agree that you have been providing predominantly valuable information over the years, then ask yourself what you think is the reason for this? Do you really think that your readers are so stingy that they wouldn’t even spend a cent to support you? In that case I would certainly shut down the site with urgency, as you would be casting pearls to swine.
    Please don’t try to educate me on ‘love’. It sounds so patronizing. In compensation I give you the lyrics of the song “Savoir Aimer”, interpreted by Florent Pagny, and I refer the wonderful poetry of the Sufi master Jalaluddin Rumi (e.g.: ‘Two Friends’):
    “Savoir aimer, Sans rien attendre en retour, Ni égard, Ni grand amour,pas même l’espoir d’être aimé.
    Mais savoir donner, Donner sans reprendre, Ne rien faire qu’apprendre.
    Apprendre à aimer, Aimer sans attendre, Aimer à tout prendre, Apprendre à sourire, Rien que pour le geste, Sans vouloir le reste.
    Et apprendre à Vivre, Et s’en aller.”
    I don’t agree with your statement ‘The secret of how to acquire love is…by giving love’. True love is unconditional and it should certainly not be a means of acquiring love.
    You say that people who donated may not be fools after all, but in fact, now that you cut down your postings, they could certainly have the right to feel like that.
    Your action is simply not consistent with the beliefs you claim to have. You can’t say that you want to give love for free and then complain and threaten to cut down your postings significantly because you don’t get enough donations, without even trying to find a solution. If you don’t want to request contributions from your readers because you don’t want to exclude the poor, and after years of posting your articles you conclude that people don’t give donations, then you have made the problem perfectly unsolvable. And the consequence of this is drastic: no more information (almost).
    However, a practical solution would come in much more handy here. But you want to appear to be morally sound and you prefer to decline my suggestions. That is why my intuition tells me that you might have other reasons as to why you want to limit your postings. Is it to put pressure on your readers to donate after all? Is it because you have other plans? Is it because you are tired or you have the feeling that you are getting too old to bear that heavy task? Do you dislike your readers because they don’t donate? Whatever it is, just be open about it.
    I never thought you are a disinformer. And to be honest, it wouldn’t make so much difference. I would just keep on reading the posted articles with the same carefulness as I read all articles on the web. There is even information in disinformation once you find out it is as such. But in your case I never even presumed that. If you really want to know my feeling: I feel that there is something that you are not telling us and that reason doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative one.
    On a positive note I would like to end my reaction here by saying that I always very much valued your efforts to inform us and I want to express my gratitude for that. It is certainly true that you have enlightened and shaped the thoughts of many of us. However I think it is not by sarcastically announcing that you received ‘yet another small lonely donation’ or by dramatically cutting down on the number of postings because of lack of funding that you will solve the problem. If you need more funding to continue then you will have to find a way to achieve this. Giving up is not an option. Unless, for some unrevealed reason, you really want to limit your contribution to the site, regardless of donations.
    With kind regards,

    • @Lana,

      ‘The secret of how to acquire love is…by giving love’.

      I guess I really wanted to say …

      ‘The secret of how to attain love is…by giving love’.

      True love is always unconditional.

      Everything else is not real love.

      The only way to get love … is to give it (to others and to yourself).

      “The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.”
      – Buddha

      And if you are constantly being able to give more and more (unconditional) love you are becoming it.

      ‘Only when you have learned to know, to take care of, to make yourself responsible for, and to love your nearby trees, only then can you love the forests…’
      Ami (PDF)

      ‘A jug fills drop by drop.’
      – Buddha

      (And of course it doesn’t work to ‘try hard’ to give ‘unconditional’ love, in order to achieve a higher spiritual level.)

      And then finally you’ve gone back to the original state, where unconditional love and you are one.

      I believe that in this state you can do & know everything, for you and the ‘father’ are one.

      ‘To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.’
      – Lao Tzu

      And yes, we have been ONE all of the time, but were not able to express it.

      Some call this state ‘Christ Consciousness’.

      ‘Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.’
      – Jesus

      So according to Jesus … Lana the Christ could do greater works than Jesus the Christ.

      Yet, our words will never ever be able to describe what we are trying to talk about here.

      ‘The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.’
      – Lao Tzu

      “He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know.”
      – Lao Tzu

      Got to go.

      More later.

      Infinite Unknown

  19. Lana,
    All you need to know is there for the finding, including IU.
    He isn’t there to challenge, but to enlighten with a beautiful balance.
    We are bedevilled with lies. We sometimes question ourselves.
    But eventually we work it out, and find peace in the knowledge OF understanding.
    We are irrelevant, but in the end, it is satisfying to know why.
    We are all different and all have demons, me included, and that is that.

  20. Hi I.U.,
    Just wanted to say thank you for all your work.

    I’m in New Zealand, and pop into your website nearly daily. It’s been a great introduction to issues and websites I didn’t even know existed.

    thanks again,

  21. “He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know.”
    – That’s howLao Tzu spoke.
    And to Squodgy: I hope you find a safe place to land somewhere.

    • @Lana,


      … Lao Tzu spoke because he was kindly asked to do so …

      … and I bet he did it out of real love and compassion for humanity, …

      … knowing full well that for the most part he will be throwing pearls before total ignorance, …

      … and he tried its best to explain the way in words, fully aware that it cannot be explained in words, …

      … that is why he stated that …

      “He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know.”

      … so that helpless human beings may understand that clinging to his words will not work and that they have to move beyond his words to understand what he never ever could have explained in words.

      What a brilliant man!

      He was on its way to the other masters, that have walked the face of the earth before him.

      To them real telepathy is natural and they see generations come and go.

      We are lucky that he tried his best using our limited words.

      Before you commented:

      “You very well know that we need you, so don’t behave like a boyfriend who threatens to love his girlfriend a bit less from now on, because she didn’t show enough attention for her. That is not an option.”

      I did not ‘threaten’ anybody.

      I made an announcement that I will post less articles and that I will continue with my work.

      No threat, just pointing out a fact.

      Still working at least 360 hours per year on the website, expecting nothing in return.

      I rather find it ironic that you compare what I’ve done to threatening a love relationship.

      If you really want to compare this to a love relationship, then I tell you that one-sided realationships, where only one side gives do not last.

      I give via posting articles.

      You can give via comments, by promoting the website via social networks, by mental support and if you can by donations.

      You mentioned before that there will be ample support, if people only knew who I am and could relate to me.

      That is not so.

      Ask Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who is more than well known:

      More Misleading Official Employment Statistics (Paul Craig Roberts, Dec 10, 2013):

      Dear Readers,

      Readership has doubled, but donations in response to the current quarterly request are less than when the site had far fewer readers.

      Perhaps I have had my 15 minutes of fame and it is time to retire.

      Writing these columns does not benefit me. I already know the information that I provide to you, and the establishment has many ways of penalizing a person who doesn’t support the spin.

      Remember, this is your site. It will stay up as long as you support it.

      His site will stay up as long as his readers support it.

      This site will stay up even without support!

      You’ve said:

      “That is why my intuition tells me that you might have other reasons as to why you want to limit your postings. Is it to put pressure on your readers to donate after all? Is it because you have other plans? Is it because you are tired or you have the feeling that you are getting too old to bear that heavy task? Do you dislike your readers because they don’t donate? Whatever it is, just be open about it.”

      I know and understand that you’ve just given here some possibilities why I may have decided to cut back on posting articles.

      So you really consider it to be a possibility, after 6 years of posting articles without expecting anything in return, that I might now “put pressure on my readers to donate after all”?


      I’ve worked many, many hours daily to bring you all these news.

      I can read and scan through many articles in a very, very small fraction of the time that it takes to post them on the website.

      Posting articles is what takes up most of the time and I am posting them for you.

      Like Paul Craig Roberts I already know the information that I provide to you.

      And if I would post 10 articles less per day I may end up having some time for a good book, my garden, meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong etc.

      I could easily come up with 40-50 newsworthy articles every day, but I do not have the time to post them.

      “This is nonsense. Post less articles? You better shut down your site all together then. You can’t inform people with just a fraction of what of what you have been posting so far. You very well know that we need you, so don’t behave like a boyfriend who threatens to love his girlfriend a bit less from now on, because she didn’t show enough attention for her. That is not an option. You either split or you continue the relationship as before, but with a better understanding.
      A good idea would be that you let us know who you are and I for one will certainly donate, as i told you before.”

      If you, Lana, want to see this liken unto a love relationship, then it looks like you expect me to continue to do the news shopping, the cleaning (filtering out the disinfo as good as possible) and the cooking (posting articles) and because I do not tell you everything about who I am, you are refusing to give me some housekeeping money (donations).

      Sounds like the perfect relationship to me!

      And yes, that deserves some sarcasm.

      If people cannot give donations, because they are short of money, that is perfectly fine with me.

      I do not want readers to give, who do not have more than enough for themselves.

      Those who cannot give via donations can support the site mentally, through comments, by sending liks to friends and via social networks.

      I also do not expect people to give much.

      Donating just € 5 once in a while helps a lot, especially if several people would decide doing so.

      You’ve said:

      “Another option is that you let your site be accessible only with a login name and password that can be bought, because most people don’t want to be the only fool who donates, while all others read the site for free.”

      If there are really other readers that think like you’ve described it, then that too is fine with me.

      One day this will be fully understood by humanity:

      “Life is an echo, what you send out comes back.”
      – Chinese Proverb

      As for now you all have to live with the echo.

      You, Lana (who can afford it), are refusing to donate even those € 5 and I am perfectly fine with that.

      And please continue to enjoy the website.

      You’ve said:

      “And if you are so reluctant to reveal your own identity for fear that you might suffer negative consequences, then how can you expect that the people whom you have been informing about the evils in the world will have the courage to stand up against it? Or you will keep on calling only thém ‘sheeple’?”

      Nobody can hide his identity from TPTB.

      There are many reasons why I’ve chosen to be Infinite Unknown.

      And yes, TPTB are one of many reasons why I am not revealing my identitiy.

      Paul Craig Roberts
      (Click on image to enlarge and read what’s written in the green box.)

      Paul Craig Roberts knows what he is talking about and he & I both know who we are dealing with.

      ‘Infinite Unknown’ is (most probably) not seen as a direct threat by TPTB … exactly as intended.

      I am not a famous public figure, nor do I have any plans to ever become famous.

      See, I know about another website owner, who got paid a visit by some armed thugs. They suddenly were standing in the middle of his kitchen. He was out. They were showing off their guns to his wife and told her that her husband better stops doing what he is currently doing with the website, if he loves his family and especially his children. Not funny!

      So if ever somebody pays me a visit, I know that it is surely not some pissed off reader, but ‘them’. And there will be no regrets on my side.

      And then there are legal aspects.

      And then there is …

      And yes, Lana, as you may suspect, I’ve still left a lot of stuff out.

      I also didn’t mention that after having several out of body experiences the fear of death is minimized.

      I know several people who – understandably – do not want to come back to this place, that could be paradise, but we have allowed it to be transformed into a hellhole.

      And yes, I have no intentions to expose myself to much, as I am the only one here in my environment that has the most complete understanding of how to heal the human body and I intend to pass that knowledge on one day.

      Infinite Unknown

  22. Just thank You very much for all Your work!

    It has been a really good source of information about topics You write about.

    Have a great summer!

    • @squodgy,

      Appreciate your comment.

      Now that could exlain the headache. LOL!

      That was also indeed the last comment trying to explain myself.

  23. Like I said, there’s always one.

    I’d have walked away from that one long ago.

    I used to employ 200+ in heavy engineering, the mix being 10:1.

    I had twice as much hassle from the minority than from the majority.

    I felt I had to justify myself & my wishes to that group constantly.

    They seemed to thrive on stirring things up.

    I’m sure you get my drift.


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