Official in Fukushima: “Please Please HELP US!” – Hot particles of melted fuel are inhaled by children everyday – We are forced to have it in our bodies – “Please let all people in the world know the life we are living”

Official in Fukushima: “Please Please HELP US!” — Hot particles of melted fuel are inhaled by children everyday — We are forced to have it in our bodies — “Please let all people in the world know the life we are living” (ENENews, May 30, 2014):

Excerpts from Oyama Koichi of the Minamisoma City Council, May 13, 2014 — Translation by Dissensus Japan, May 25, 2014:

  • I want to shout for all the people in this world: “Please Please HELP US!”
  • The cause substance have been found. This is an aggregate of radionuclides which starts with Uranium [in] a nuclear reactor at more than 5000°C.
  • This mixed metal contains four different substances, ????? and also have the possibility to radiate neutron ray.
  • No creature on earth never knew this substance.
  • We are forced to have those strong substances inside our body without knowing where it exactly stays.
  • To say that “Cesium has got the same system as potassium and it will be discharged from the body” is just a lie! […]
  • We are all manipulated by the words “radiation” and “radiation doze” without knowing the real identity of radiation source. We are not told the real facts of being irradiated […]
  • They only compare radiation doze and natural potassium contained in bananas and manipulated people as if it was a scientific study. I really want the scholars patronized by the government to be punished by the rancorous of all children on this earth. […]
  • The informations say that hot particles were diffused and flied in all directions in Japan. The particles from hell is flying in the air and people don’t protect themselves anymore three years after the nuclear accident and children are aspirating those horrible particles everyday!!!
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP US!  Please let all people in the world to know the life we are living since the accident, everyday and today.

4 thoughts on “Official in Fukushima: “Please Please HELP US!” – Hot particles of melted fuel are inhaled by children everyday – We are forced to have it in our bodies – “Please let all people in the world know the life we are living””

  1. We face our own demise, and the corporate media is silent, the people there scream for attention, and none is given. They can do nothing about it. They can’t stop it, they cannot slow it………it is going to kill all of us, especially those on the west coast of the Americas……..

    Why is media silent? They can do nothing to stop it.
    So, let the people die.
    Unlike the responsible governments shown in the movie “On the Beach” of 1959, they cannot even give us pills……..they would rather let us die from cooking on the inside out.
    Why they cannot be honest is due to denial. Also, they would have to admit all the stories about Nuclear power being clean was a lie………..lets just tell more tall stories…..

    When the lies become too obvious, the mutated butterflies are also the dead fish, and the dead ocean, and the dreadful smell of the rotting flesh of all these creatures…….then……..they still will deny it all. They might advise folks to stay away from the dead Pacific…..but they may not……I don’t know what they will do, and even worse, they don’t know, either.

  2. I would love to help, but there is no help to be offered. We know hot particles are the gift that keeps on giving – just check the over 100,000 lying dead of Gulf War Disease. Surgical masks don’t work wither; people need the real deal. One feels so impotent is situations like this – Hanford, WA and WIFF, NM may be equally bad long term. And Fuku is already on the West Coast, just as it remains in the ME where women have been told to avoid pregnancy. The dastardly thing is that some will survive for years depending on whether they avoid injestion or the particle takes longer to develop into cancer. That appears to be immunity – it’s not – it is just deceptive.

  3. To Jim: Those of us on the west coast are doomed, and if we are wise, will find ways to suicide before cooking from the inside out… you put it, hot particles just keep on giving. We are getting radioactive poisons from Fukushima that is killing our ocean as described above, Washington State where the waste has gotten so hot, they now need robots to clear it up….assuming they won’t melt, as the ones in Japan did. As for NM, that was a place I often consulted for advise and ideas…….I knew some of the best minds working there……and it breaks my heart so many of the best and brightest will die from this cursed technology…..that we all sold ourselves was clean……..
    We are facing our demise on the west coast, and in Japan. The Pacific ocean will be dead in a few more weeks, the estimate by science it would take until 2016, mine that it would take until the end of 2015………now, I see it will be upon us much sooner.
    We have no intelligent government to hand us pills as the one in the 1959 movie “On the Beach” about a post radioactive war…we have fools having hearings about things of no importance…
    Our leaders are fools, and that is the most upsetting of all. So are Japan’s. There is no intelligent system in place, instead, people will have to find their own escapes……suicides. Cooking from the inside out is a dreadful way to die. The oceans provide 80% of our oxygen…..and without them, we will die.
    Damn the Japanese leaders, damn the US leaders…….damn the fools who are going to build six nuclear reactors in Iran………we are a species determined to self destruct. I have never seen such madness.
    Japan was approached by Russia who offered to help them stop the radioactive poisons pouring into the air. Russia has more experience than anyone…..Japan turned them down cold. Russia shut down a radioactive disaster within three weeks……….they could have stopped some of this, but Japan stupidly and stubbornly refused. For that, I cannot forgive them.
    For all the poor deformed animals, butterflies, birds and fish…….I feel such pain. I hate to think what it will do to people…..
    It is a sad day. Thanks for a good post.


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