Directive 3025.18 … Granting Obama Authority To Use Military Force Against Civilians


Meet Directive 3025.18 Granting Obama Authority To Use Military Force Against Civilians (ZeroHedge, May 29, 2014):

While the “use of armed [unmanned aircraft systems] is not authorized,The Washington Times uncovering of a 2010 Pentagon directive on military support to civilian authorities details what critics say is a troubling policy that envisions the Obama administration’s potential use of military force against Americans. As one defense official proclaimed, “this appears to be the latest step in the administration’s decision to use force within the United States against its citizens.” Meet Directive 3025.18 and all its “quelling civil disturbances” totalitarianism…

As The Washington Times reports,

Directive No. 3025.18, “Defense Support of Civil Authorities,” was issued Dec. 29, 2010, and states that U.S. commanders “are provided emergency authority under this directive.”

“Federal military forces shall not be used to quell civil disturbances unless specifically authorized by the president in accordance with applicable law or permitted under emergency authority,” the directive states.

“In these circumstances, those federal military commanders have the authority, in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the president is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances” under two conditions.

The conditions include military support needed “to prevent significant loss of life or wanton destruction of property and are necessary to restore governmental function and public order.” A second use is when federal, state and local authorities “are unable or decline to provide adequate protection for federal property or federal governmental functions.”

A U.S. official said the Obama administration considered but rejected deploying military force under the directive during the recent standoff with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his armed supporters.

“Federal action, including the use of federal military forces, is authorized when necessary to protect the federal property or functions,” the directive states.

Military assistance can include loans of arms, ammunition, vessels and aircraft. The directive states clearly that it is for engaging civilians during times of unrest.

There is one silver lining (for now)…

“Use of armed [unmanned aircraft systems] is not authorized,” the directive says.

And the full Directive is below…


3 thoughts on “Directive 3025.18 … Granting Obama Authority To Use Military Force Against Civilians”

  1. NDAA already made all of this law. This isn’t new information; he is no friend of civil rights or of the cons titution. He is truly the first Manchurian Candidate.
    This creep was put in as editor of the Harvard Review years ago, regardless he never submitted a single paper for publication. I am not sure, but I don’t think that ever happened before.
    This tells me he was planned and planted years ago, and sold to people who were worn out with Bush outrages……he often voted “present’ when he served in the IL state senate…….but nothing was made of it by the press who sold him to us hook, line and sinker.
    They even ran that old bag against him to ensure he would win……they know no Clinton would win……..and his so-called opposition was a joke.
    He was sold to millions of Americans and to the world as the last hope, the man who might restore the greatness American once was……never before had any presidential candidate been swept to power with such a global mandate…….and he just installed the Clinton administration and followed the most evil of the bush policies.
    He burned the world.
    By 2010, the world knew there was no hope……that is when Hugo Chavez came out with the first electronic currency to undercut and end US financial domination of the world. It worked, today, less than half the world uses the dollar, and the US is sitting on piles of paper currency nobody wants.
    The FED has cut it’s QE from $85 billion to $45 billion, the loss being met by greedy corporations buying back their own stock……they have no other resources. The market is nearly empty, and nobody with any sense is investing in the US.
    Today, regardless of the fall of the Chinese currency thanks to tons of bad loans, the US market was up, and they were talking about how good things are……..they make no sense at all, and have no relation to the real world.
    I don’t know how much longer this can go on… is all smoke and mirrors……….and passing laws using military power against Americans in direct defiance of the constitution is ironically done by a constitutional scholar.
    The US is finished.
    The only ones who don’t know it are the leaders who still wander around on the stage of life making decisions, passing laws that nobody heeds or cares about. The audience has left, nobody is left but the actors, and they are soon all going to be out of work…….


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