Video: Cops Taser Man 18 Times Then Pounce On Family Member As He Films Incident

Video: Cops Taser Man 18 Times Then Pounce On Family Member As He Films Incident (Infowars, May 26, 2014):

Incident highlights how police are attacking those who document brutality

Cops Taser Man 18 Times Then Pounce On Family Member As He Films Incident

A video of yet another brutal tasering has gone viral on the internet, also highlighting how police are increasingly targeting people who film their heavy handed actions.

The video shows two police officers from Springfield in Illinois, pinning a young male suspect on the ground. As he writhes beneath them, one of the officers deploys and uses it on the suspect at point blank range. The crackle of the electricity from the weapon can be heard.

The man filming the incident, presumably a family member, shouts to the suspect and the cops “Justin, Don’t worry, about it, suing the f*** out of y’all.”

An older woman screams at the cops to let him go, also yelling at the man to stay clam.

The family claim that the cops tasered the suspect up to eighteen times during the fracas. As they keep using the taser, the man tells the cops that he is worried that he is going to die, and the man with the camera phone becomes worried that they are “trying to kill” the suspect.

Finally, as one of the officers has the suspect in a headlock, the other handcuffs him as he stops writhing. The woman then demands that they take the suspect to the hospital.

“Can I get water, I’m going to die, I swear to God.” the man says.

The video ends abruptly as two more officers arrive on the scene and shove the cameraman back, telling him to “step back.”

A physical altercation then takes place with one of the cops saying “give me that damn phone, get the f*** back,” forcing him to stop filming the incident.

From tasering people having a party in their own home, to blinding others with the stun gun during routine traffic stops, a recent spate of incidents have made headlines and spurred protests and unrest in local communities.

In several other recent instances, cops have been caught attempting to seize cell phones, and even deleting footage recorded by people they have come into contact with.


1 thought on “Video: Cops Taser Man 18 Times Then Pounce On Family Member As He Films Incident”

  1. Too many sadists are getting the badge. When we were a better country, we used to have careful tests and pre-screening methods to work them out of the system. One sadistic cop can do more damage than the mistakes of 25.
    Now, too many of them are gaining power in the police force, especially as the attitude (at least where I live) is to shoot first, ask questions later.
    Our nation is sick, and so are the police. They can no longer be trusted to do their job.
    I was robbed a while back of a cancer drug that was sent me in the mail. It is a powerful pain medication, and is only given to those with cancer…..use only for breakthrough pain, not daily.
    It was signed for by someone nobody heard of before, and vanished forever. I called the police, they said it was up to the postal inspector office. I told them the drug was stolen here, and would end up on our streets, and it could kill people not used to strong medications.
    His reply was “oh, I hope not.”
    I asked him what he would expect….he had no reply. I wondered if he were not part of the drug ring….evidently, there are a lot of drugs sent through the mail being stolen these days.
    I stopped using the drug at all. The Postal inspector office people whined how crime happened all the time, they didn’t know what to do…….
    I recommend folks not accept drugs sent through the mail, it makes it too easy for crooks. Tell your provider you will go to the local drug store.
    But, my point is that such behavior is that of a corrupt cop, and that there are more of them, than anything else.


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