Unprotected In The East: NATO Appears Toothless In Ukraine Crisis


Unprotected in the East: NATO Appears Toothless in Ukraine Crisis (Der Spiegel, May 24, 2014):

If Russia were to engage in military aggression in the Baltics, NATO would be unable to defend the region using conventional means. An internal report highlights weaknesses in the alliance.

1 thought on “Unprotected In The East: NATO Appears Toothless In Ukraine Crisis”

  1. NATO is a tool of the despised US. That is enough to make them hated and toothless in the east. The US needs to worry about its own problems, and stay out of the east. Nobody wants the US destabilizing more countries….it is an old, and worn out method to the former head of the KGB.
    Putin is far more respected than Obama because he says little, and does a lot.


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