Running Dry: UK Fossil Fuel Reserves To End In 5 Years (Video)

May 24, 2014


A recent study suggests UK should urgently turn to alternative energy or become fully dependent on imports, as Polly Boiko reports.

5 thoughts on “Running Dry: UK Fossil Fuel Reserves To End In 5 Years (Video)”

  1. Unless their ally, the US, comes in with a solution, here is one more risk of a country going over to Russia for fuel. Need overcomes everything; even old friendships.

  2. This is a bit of disinfo from RT.
    Whilst Brent & many other fields of UK offshore have been milked and raped and sold to other countries, in true Rockefeller/Rothschild fashion, there is much left, although extraction costs will be a significant factor.
    As vehicles become more efficient, this factor is significant. One of my vehicles is a manual gear (yes with a clutch) Honda CR-V, and I get consumption equivalent to 44mpg US average…and I love a heavy foot.
    Furthermore, the single biggest oil field, called CLAIRE, hasn’t even been touched yet, being left, like the Canadian Shale Fields, till economies of scale became positive.
    Now we are being exploited by Cuadrilla, the Oz Fracking outfit. Their first test site, near us, has caused three earthquakes in three years, but Gov ignores that, so obviously they’ve already learnt how to grease palms.

  3. To Squodgy: Thanks for the good input. As one who always drove stick shifts (until my spine got too bad), I am with you on them. Not only do they give better mileage, but much better control in an emergency. Glad to read the UK isn’t ready to dump the US yet…..the US would really be lost without the UK.
    The UK is the only real ally left.
    Israel will stay silent on the subject of Russia or China, they are too close a neighbor to do otherwise. They have used the US for years, as they use anyone who lets them.

  4. I’m throwing my cap in first.
    Please accept my apologies, T.
    I’ve been doing some checking on the Clair field & found out that, contrary to my earlier claim that it remained untapped, it has already been milked to the extent that the reports in your article are pretty accurate.
    Not only is it being milked, but only a seventh (250mb) of the reserves is recoverable, by normal means, and as UK uses 1mn/day, that represents 8 months!
    However the good news is good old BP (!) are testing a reduced saline water injection flood based recovery system which looks like it works, and which will increase yield to an extra 640m barrels.
    But that only adds two years! So we really have reached peak oil, at least in the western world.
    There is quite a lot of gas to draw on but it will be a while before it becomes viable, so we will continue to buy from Norway.
    So sorry.


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