Lying Scum Japanese PM Shinzo Abe: ‘There Is No Confirmation That Someone’s Health Has Been Directly Affected By Radioactive Substances’


Just ask the USS Ronald Reagan crew!!!

I could post here hundreds of links that would expose Abe as the ultimate liar.

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“If you don’t educate yourself now and fast, you’ll die.”
– Prof. Hayakawa of Gunma University

Shinzo Abe

Abe seeks to dispel radiation concerns stirred by Japanese manga (Mainichi/Kyodo, May 19, 2014):

TOKYO (Kyodo) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday sought to dispel concerns stirred by a famous Japanese comic which linked radiation exposure from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex to nosebleeds, saying there is not a single case of someone’s health known to have been damaged through exposure.

In a recent edition of the long-running comic “Oishinbo,” the main character is shown having a nosebleed after visiting the plant, where three nuclear reactors melted down and buildings exploded days after a huge earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern Japan in 2011.

“There is no confirmation that someone’s health has been directly affected by radioactive substances,” Abe told reporters after visiting Fukushima Medical University to be briefed about radiation effects in the wake of the disaster at the Fukushima plant.

“There is a need for the state to make all-out efforts to deal with baseless rumors,” Abe said and vowed to provide accurate information to eliminate such concerns.

The premier also said his government will study whether the way it has been providing information to the public was sufficient.

During his one-day trip to Fukushima, Abe watched a simulated thyroid examination at the medical university. Radioactive iodine released in nuclear accidents can accumulate in thyroid glands due to breathing or ingestion, and increase the risk of thyroid cancer.

3 thoughts on “Lying Scum Japanese PM Shinzo Abe: ‘There Is No Confirmation That Someone’s Health Has Been Directly Affected By Radioactive Substances’”

  1. Why aren’t these criminals facing the world court for global genocide? These bastards have broken the food chain for all time, very likely have now left the planet uninhabitable for humans. By their own lies and greed, (they refused Russia’s help three years ago, the one nation that had experience with nuclear fallout) they wanted to put TEPCO’s future ahead of the lives of the people.
    The bastards should be living in jail at Fukushima.
    If I had my way, all the warring nations would turn on Japan and wipe them off the face of the earth…….but in retrospect, they have already done it for us. Unfortunately, others will suffer and die as well. They will cook alive, but so will others unless some people show up with pills for us to take to avoid radioactive death, so that we can just go to sleep………
    Cooking from the inside out is very painful.
    They have destroyed the human race and still mouth their lies……..
    They are the enemies of the world. Warmongers, go after them.


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