68% Of Those Suffering From Nosebleeds In Japan Are Children

68% of those suffering from nosebleeds in Japan are children; mothers are the biggest stakeholders (Nuclear News, May 14, 2014)

2 thoughts on “68% Of Those Suffering From Nosebleeds In Japan Are Children”

  1. Heartless, selfish bastards.
    No thought for their own futures, let alone that of mankind.
    The only good Jap is a dead one , my Inspector used to say.

  2. I agree with Squodgy. I have never seen such a savage bunch of bastards in my life. Look at their history, not just WWII, which was horrible enough……you should see the crappy planes they sent their pilots up in at the beginning of WW2…….made of junk, twine and tape……by the end, the planes were beautiful…..they stole the technology, and then they could build nice planes. They invaded Russia in 1905, and won…..they are savages, and they have no sense of humanity at all.
    They have shown themselves as heartless, selfish bastards in the way they have treated their own people since the 311 disaster. Poor people from the streets of Tokyo sent into Fukushima to pretend a cleanup……why? They were throwaway in Japanese eyes. Now, the people are being made to move back there or starve to death. Their children are dying, but since they are poor, it doesn’t matter.
    They have put TEPCO ahead of their people from day one. Talk about putting the organization ahead of the organism…….they are as corrupt as I have seen. Regardless this denial will kill their own people, they will do what TEPCO wants…….made it illegal to blame them, and any reporter who speaks of Fukushima faces Prison time……not jail…..but prison.
    If this is how they treat those who are walking around free, I would hate to imagine how they treat those in custody. I would not be surprised if torture and other things similar would be used there.
    But, what is even worse is the fact that Japanese denial will not just kill them off, it will kill off all of us here on the west coast of the Americas.
    Squodgy, I don’t know if you have been following what is happening to the fish and other things in Northern CA, but it is like something out of a nightmare. Creatures from the great depths are coming up to die, huge, ugly things…actual sea monsters, giant 50 foot squid, and other horrific creatures are surfacing struggling for oxygen. They are all starving to death, and are coming to our coastline seeking food and oxygen. It is something our monster dreamers ought to get pictures of for the next series of horror films…….
    We also have giant killer whales, humpback whales, dolphins, sea lions and other strange animals we didn’t know existed in our bay. The stupid media is saying folks ought to “enjoy the show”, they are here because they are about one third of their normal weight, and they are starving to death. They are here because the Pacific is nearly dead, and they are desperate for food and oxygen. 80% of our oxygen comes from the oceans……so that doesn’t bode well, either.
    How ironic that we as a people have sent men to the moon, probes to Mars, the Hubble (I had an interesting part in finding the person to build the glass for the telescope) is still working 15 years beyond expectation. We have all these accomplishments, yet have not been able to probe the entire depth of our oceans. Creatures are washing up such as I have never seen……and this is just the beginning.
    There are no services to clean up any of these creatures when they beach. The normal vulture creatures that clean up dead bodies won’t touch the radioactive ones, they can smell the difference. This is already creating a problem, and it will get much worse……all thanks to the Japanese choice to do nothing.
    I agree with you and your Inspector.


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