Medical Expert: Hundreds Ill After Fukushima Nuclear Plant Rubble Burned In Major Japanese City – Suffering Nosebleeds, Problems With Eyes, Throats And Skin

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Medical Expert: Hundreds ill after Fukushima nuclear plant rubble burned in major Japanese city — Suffering nosebleeds, problems with eyes, throats and skin — Gov’t: Radiation levels were ‘low enough’ to be safe (PHOTO) (ENENews, May 13, 2014):

Asahi Shimbun, May 13, 2014: The manga series [‘Oishinbo‘] has been in print since 1983 [selling] 120 million copies […] the May 12 installment includes a segment in which residents of Osaka complain about health problems after a nearby incinerator processes rubble transported from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

Japan Times, May 13, 2014: Osaka Prefectural Government took issue with the assertion, expressed by a character based on real-life medical expert Eisuke Matsui, that about 800 people living around an incinerator there have been affected by burning tsunami debris tainted with radiation from Tohoku. […] Osaka Prefectural Government claimed that no local doctors or authorities have received reports of ill health due to debris incinerated in the city’s Maishima area, contradicting the assertion made by the manga’s character Matsui. […] At every stage of the disposal, the radiation level was stable and low enough to be safe, the government said. — CAPTION: [Matsui’s] character portrayed in the manga ‘Oishinbo’ claims that about 800 residents living near an incinerator in the city of Osaka have exhibited symptoms of illnesses caused by radioactive fallout

Kyodo News, May 13, 2014: Citing [an] expert [Oishinbo] said hundreds of people living near an incineration site in the city of Osaka […] experienced nosebleeds or unpleasant symptoms affecting their eyes, throats and skin.

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