What Does It Mean To Be A Friend Of Israel? (Video)

“We have the most moral army in the world.”
– Ehud Barak

Added:May 11, 2014


The message is simple: DON’T EVER VOTE FOR A FRIEND OF ISRAEL.

Please distribute this video as widely as possible. It is one of the few chances that the Un-chosen People have of fighting back.

But be careful who you ask for advice. If I were a Friend of Israel (perish the thought) I would try to infiltrate as many anti-Israel organisations that I could, including websites that purported to be pro-Palestinian.

Remember Mossad’s motto: “By way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.”

International Solidarity Movement
6-year-old child detained on his way to school – YouTube

Palestinian being Tasered سلاح جديد يستخدمه الاحتلال على مواطن مقدسي بتل الربيع

Nabi Sala Video
انظرو كيف تعامل النساء-Women in Palestine

Gaza in Plain Language — YouTube (Joe Mowrey – Anthony Lawson)

The BBC/Panorama programme Death in the Med. It is best to search the web for a version that can be watched where you are.
BBC Bias: The Gaza Freedom Flotilla (Anthony Lawson)

BBC Trust’s Finding re complaints about Death in the Med


4 thoughts on “What Does It Mean To Be A Friend Of Israel? (Video)”

  1. I did not take the time to read the links, I don’t understand why a few words were not given to give the author’s feelings about Israel…….I have encountered many viewpoints.
    I personally distrust blind trust in any organization. Even the wisest can make mistakes, and nothing like power and wealth to give a person running an organization to abuse his or her status.
    I have known various people who are Jewish. Some are so sick of the political stuff around their names and cultures that they cannot bear to hear anymore.
    I have known folks who were Moslem in my college almost 40 years ago, and their hatred of anything Jewish was rabid. Ironic how many food choices they have that are identical to what I have eaten in Jewish homes……they have a history of hating each other that goes back centuries and more.
    I try to take people as I find them, but have found folks from both heritages I disliked intensely. Fanatics are people I avoid like the plague…..and I have found them pro Moslem, Jewish, Christian and more…..all far too sure they have the only right answer, any others are automatically wrong. To me, that indicates a closed mind. A closed mind is exactly that….closed, with no room for additional information. These are people I avoid as well.
    To me, it is the person, not his or her race or beliefs.
    The rest of it……..I leave to those who think they have the answers.

    • @Marilyn,

      This is of not about THE PEOPLE in general.

      This is about the Israeli regime and about those that have no problem enforcing its orders and those whose crimes go unpunished and are even welcome by the regime.

      I have studied economics. I’ve also studied alternative medicine, incl. acupuncture in China.

      I am a certified Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher.

      I’ve also studied meditation (especially Taoist meditation, internel alchemy).

      I do not care about the color of the skin, race, religion, age, social status of my students.

      What I do care about is their rightousness, will, courage and dedication to the teachings.

      Anybody trying to make more out of me than their older & respected brother is getting told by me to change that attitude or leave.

      In the clinic where I’ve been working, I’ve treated all patients equally.

      Except maybe those poor and honest people who cannot afford the best treatment and had for example cancerous tumors all over their body, but would rather die now than to have their vital organs removed, meaning death just a few months later on.

      Those I often treated free of charge and I’ve also spend more time helping and advising them when they went through healing reactions.

      They have chosen to ‘fight’ together with me even if it was their last battle. So my patients and I fought many battles and together we’ve never lost.

      They may die of old age, but not of cancer.

      I know people from all over the world and again, I do not care about the color of their skin, race, religion, age and social status.

      I ‘ve had several out of body experiences. I am also practicing ‘remote viewing’, though not in the exact technical sense.

      For me reincarnation is a fact.

      And people may very well become in their next lifetime what they hated the most in this one to make them own that experience and slowly come full circle in their spiritual development.

      If you would look at the world from my perspective, even if you may (or may not) call me crazy, would you think racism or hatred against anybody would make any sense at all?

      That is not to say that I will tolerate evil deeds in any way.

      I will rather expose the bastards.

      The Illuminati (The Rothschild’s and the other 12 families) control our government, media, corporations, entertainment industry etc. and they are Jewish.

      That does not mean that all Jews (or all Muslims or all Christians) are bad.

      Now, …

      …. what would we do if any group of people in the U.S. through what we call terrorism, violence and later military warfare would start stealing more and more land from the American people, like the Israeli’s did in Palestine?

      We would crush them and torture their terrorist group leaders.

      (Not that I am in favor of such a treatment, but that is what we would do.)

      Unfortunately Palestinians did not and do not have the resources and equally strong ‘allies’ to fight back.



      The videos have been removed, but I am sure you can find new uploads on YouTube:

      False Flag: The Attack on the USS Liberty

      Dead In The Water – The Sinking of the USS Liberty (BBC)

      And we still support the Israeli regime and its crimes with OVER $3 BILLION a year!

      I could post easily a thousand links about the crimes the Israeli regime has committed.

      They’ve used white phosphous against civilians and have done much worse than that.

      “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”:


      Gaza: A modern concentration camp run by Israel

      Ron Paul: ‘The Palestinians Are Virtually In Like A Concentration Camp’

      – Jimmy Carter: A human rights crime in Gaza

      Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff: Darkness Of Western Media Over Gaza

      Interview With John Pilger: Israel’s Gaza Rampage: It’s Not Just War

      The Illuminati have WW3 on their agenda and although they are Jews, they view themselves to be of superior descent and see themselves as much different from ordinary and in their eyes impure Jews and they have planned the total annihilation of Israel during WW3.

      And it is really those Illuminati elite criminals that are the real racists here.

      And the people everywhere have to suffer.

      I do not have the time to comment every article or video I post (and maybe I should proof-read my comments).

      Infinite Unknown

  2. Marilyn,
    jews/israel now run your country with specific reference to using the US powerful military to carry out foreign actions that suit israel’s needs. israel didn’t even exist before 1947, and has no raison d’etre.
    jews as a ‘tribe’ are habitually nomadic with no roots, yet they have been given a camp….very much like the gypsies in UK have been allocated Council Sites for their ‘residents’….fund organisers.
    From personal experience I can testify that jews despise gentiles. They have no respect for them whatsoever. In my youth I was allowed into their outer circle, witnessed abuse of gentile girls for ‘notches’, regular disregard for food compliance (Bacon EVERY saturday), devious infiltration as ‘equals’ into clubs/friends etc, and actual physical property damage to non jewish establishments.
    Commercially I have had thousands of contractual experiences, but being in manufacturing, (says enough) few with jews. Seven, in fact. Totally screwed by two, SHYLOCKED (10%) by four and ONE was a Gentleman, and still is. Based on that 85% of jews are untrustworthy.
    I rest my case, especially when you look at AIPAC & Netenyahu.


    • All BS. I believe you may have serious mental problems that need to be investigated before they put you in a straight jacket and throw the key away. Your hate is overwhelming.


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