Farming On A Rooftop (National Geographic – Video)

Farming on a Rooftop (National Geographic):

In New York City, farming on a rooftop is not just an idea. Brooklyn Grange farms more than two and a half acres of rooftops in Brooklyn and Queens, and then sells what it produces to New Yorkers. A special soil mixture is used to minimize weight on the roofs and allow rapid drainage during heavy downpours. The farmed rooftops also house chickens and an apiary.

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  1. A great idea but for the problem of endless, growing radiation poisoning from Japan. To raise safe food, the first step would be a greenhouse, second step a strong air filtering system. Perhaps the pot growers who grow indoors would have the right idea, someone does. But, it won’t stop killing us, and as more radioactive accidents are made public, it is becoming more obvious that fallout is everywhere, not just in Japan.
    We have a bad breakdown in fuel storage in Washington state, another nuclear breakdown in New Mexico, and in San Diego. CA is completely surrounded. Japan’s trash litters our seashores, and there are no services to safely remove them.
    It will be the same for the dead sea animals. The vulture animals, created so intelligently by nature, won’t touch the radioactive bodies, they can smell the difference. They know they are poison.
    We are finished as a species, we have fools in charge who act as if nothing has changed. Nothing is done to fix a thing.


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