The Odessa Massacre – The Untold Truth Of Kulikovo Field – Part I (Documentary)



“We’ve made the full length documentary about the massacre in Odessa. Please have a look and support our work if you like it!”

Added: May 7, 2014


The first part of Odessa 5/02 documentary film, compiled of the extensive amount of video footage done on that day by various witnesses and investigated throughout an independent view point. Soon we’ll post the second part that will include further footage, few interviews of survived witnesses as well as the Right sector searches inside of the building later that night. Thank you all, friends, for a positive feedback! We encourage you to rip this video using and re-upload it to your channel in order to spread this material and protect it from being deleted by Youtube.

5 thoughts on “The Odessa Massacre – The Untold Truth Of Kulikovo Field – Part I (Documentary)”

  1. Tried to watch, the link took me straight to YouTube, so I closed it. Sorry, evidently my system goes right to where you don’t want it.
    If there is another way I could watch, I would. I am an end user………

    • @Marilyn Gjerdrum,

      I’ve checked the video and it is playing (without taking me to YouTube).

      (They have added the other link in the desrption just in case you want to download the video.)

      I don’t know what went wrong on your side.

  2. I don’t know, either. I think I need to get someone to look at my laptop, I know you don’t want it played and deleted on Youtube……and all my videos go there. All my life, I have had engineers around to fix these things, I haven’t a clue of how to fix it.
    For what it is worth, I have sent the link to others. The US has become the most despised nation on earth, nothing they say on their corporate media is true. Problem is getting people to accept it…….
    Especially, the wannabe greedy guts, they swallow the lies hook, line and sinker……..meanwhile they go deeper into the hole every month as interest rates rise.

  3. More dead sea mammals in San Francisco bay, definitely a result of Fukushima…….it is just starting, some experts still express confusion……but it is the Japanese poisons…..damn all of them. But, the animals are all starving to death because most of the ocean is dead, all life is also gone, and they can find nothing to eat. That is radiation poison……..goddamn TEPCO and the Jap government for sitting and doing nothing.


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