2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Calls To ‘Rein In’ Gun Culture”

  1. When people genuinely smile, their eyes get smaller, not bigger. If you watch her ugly, phony smiles, her eyes are stretched to the maximum…..I have only know that kind of smile from sociopathic liars. I have seen it before, and it chills me to the bone. Such people are on stage at all times, and see nothing but themselves. We don’t need more narcissists, we need leaders who think for the nation and its people.

    Putting this ugly old rerun up for office once again tells me the democrats are going to give the presidency back to the repulsive party, the one openly at war with the people. They are going on as if nothing has changed, but everything they knew is gone.

    I am grateful I won’t be alive for that nightmare…..
    But, to give everyone some hope, the situation will be far different by then, and this old bag won’t win. Hopefully, there will be another party with a viable candidate with a new message to deal with the enormous changes that will be facing everyone.

    The housing resurgence they have all awaited will never appear because there are no decent jobs or any sense of hope to support it. The US is quickly losing its status as the world reserve currency because technology has made it very easy for all nations to trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. Started by the Sucre, introduced by Hugo Chavez in Summer of 2010, for the first time, nations can trade with each other without converting to another currency. The Sucre simply translates the value of each nations currency, making conversion to any other obsolete and irrelevant. This has taken a huge cut out of the US’s Achilles Heel……the so-called unbeatable dollar. Better than half the world no longer use the dollar at all.

    This break away from the dollar has removed much of the power the US abused without end for the last 30 years. This proves the printing party is over. Despite the lies on US media, the truth is far different. In less than four years, Hugo Chavez’s war on the US is about complete, it was financial, and the US is losing.

    The US is already sitting on piles of paper money nobody trusts or wants, and this is causing a lot of hurt for the greedy guts.

    The banks are empty shells. Three years ago, the IMF put forth the idea all banks needed to have five cents on deposit for every dollar of assets they claimed. They would have had to borrow the five cents…..the idea died.

    The stock market is in a similar situation. 85% of all transactions are high frequency skim and sell where a few people controlling huge funds buy and sell large amounts of securities in less time than one blinks an eye. Money is always removed, never left. For this robbery, they don’t even pay a transaction fee…..it is so unfair. For the 15% who actually trade using their own money, we don’t know how many are trading with margin funds……..

    Unemployment: Right now 100 million of working age Americans are unemployed……out of a total population of 335 million. That is about one third of the population, one Wall Street analyst puts unemployment at 37%, It will only get worse as jobs continue to vanish as people get too scared to spend.

    By 2016, the fishing industry will be totally destroyed thanks to a dead Pacific Ocean, joining the Gulf of Mexico which is already dead thanks to endless oil spills and the chemicals used to dispense the ocean, regardless it would kill the coral and poison the fish. BP got away with it for a measly $6 billion, chump change, and millions of the fishermen in New Orleans had their careers destroyed along with their homes and everything else.

    The Pacific Ocean is killing everything with radioactive poisons, the plutonium and cesium elements far exceed any horror BP could offer. Even worse, it is in the air, soil, water and every element of our world. 80% of all our oxygen comes from the oceans.

    What does that portend for the west, and all the Americas?
    If we didn’t have fools in power, we would all be working together to find solutions. In the pursuit of solutions, would come many new jobs……but that makes too much sense to the greedy guts who don’t care.

    I guess the greedy guts living in their palaces in Newport Beach, and all over the west coast think their homes can protect them from the air from the ocean? What about the water when they shower?

    We have droughts everywhere in the nation, CA temperatures will be in the 100’s next week, we are barely into the month of May. We have had over 800 fires so far……last year, it was half as many.

    Where are our firefighters? In Iraq, overseas protecting oil wells and other stolen assets of the greedy guts. How much do they pay the people of the US for these endless services? Not one dime. We, the people get the entire costs, we get zero returns, but win more hatred from those around the world from whom this nation has stolen.

    Radiation is going to throw a huge monkey wrench into all of the greedy gut plans.
    1. Drought: Food shortages from dead crops, and even worse, safe food and drinking water will be much harder (and more expensive) to obtain. The fraud that will come out of this will be played on all levels, even for the greedy guts. You cannot monitor what you breathe.

    As for breathing, 80% of all our oxygen comes from living oceans. Without them, there is no new oxygen to breathe.

    2. Hunger has been a big factor in all real revolutions, it makes people do things they would not do with abundant food. None of us have ever experienced walking into stores with nothing in them……but those days are coming again.

    3. Clean fresh water: Fracking by the greedy guts for a filthy, unnecessary fuel has to be stopped because it literally can set fire to water……it is madness, another example of a greed so great people begin to eat their own.

    4. No jobs. That pretty well speaks for itself, but as security vanishes, people spend even less, and more jobs disappear. The Depression Era thinking is coming back. I had many friends who lived through the Great Depression, and I know how they think…..and it is resurfacing again. Fear does terrible things to local economies.

    5. No air safe to breathe. Already in China, people literally buy bags of oxygen to safely breathe…..that is how dreadful their air quality has become thanks totally to greedy guts. Their greed has literally destroyed air quality for millions, and they don’t care. Don’t they realize it will happen to them, too?

    Mindless greed, endless wars without any repayment…..it is on the path to the end of our species. This is what I mean by eating our own……like black widow spiders.
    There is not much time left. Old bags like Clinton won’t really matter for much by 2016, but a lot will have changed by then. I am glad I won’t be here to see it.


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