Another Ukraine Helicopter Shot Down (Video)

Caught On Tape: Another Ukraine Helicopter Shot Down (ZeroHedge, May 5, 2014):

Just 2 days after the first Ukrainian military helicopter was shot down, Ukraine’s defense ministry confirms an Mi-24 chopper was shot down in the eastern region of Donetsk. As the following clip shows, it appears the helicopter came under large-caliber machine gun fire, a flash is seen, and then the chopper falls from view. The Defense Ministry confirms the pilots survived as the chopped crashed into a nearby river. One wonders how many more helicopters (that are in working condition and still have a full gas tank) Kiev, i) has; and ii) can afford to lose to eastern separatists as the Ukraine conflicts becomes an all out civil war?

The chopper hovers for a while then at 24 seconds a flash is seen and it disappears from view…

1 thought on “Another Ukraine Helicopter Shot Down (Video)”

  1. The US is supplying the choppers…….no integrity left.
    They would sell their mothers for a dollar.
    I am
    very disgusted at the loss of everything we once stood for….now, we have criminals in power, and they don’t know a thing about integrity.
    We are finished. Putin has his people and much of the world behind him, the US has nobody.


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