Dozens Of FBI, CIA Agents In Kiev ‘Assisting Ukraine Security’

Dozens of FBI, CIA agents in Kiev ‘assisting Ukraine security’ (RT, May 4, 2014):

Numerous US agents are helping the coup-appointed government in Ukraine to “fight organized crime” in the south east of the country, the German newspaper Bild revealed.

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  1. Assisting Ukraine security? They caused it by putting in a US puppet government nobody wants and using the CIA’s usual terror tricks to force the government down their throats. These people think of themselves as Russian, and the US doesn’t want them united. The more they push, the more certain they will turn to Russia for help.
    David Cohen is responsible for the toothless sanctions put up by the US and Germany.
    Germany isn’t going to go against Putin. Six EU nations rely on Russian gas, while the Russians provide E120,000 a year GDP to the entire alliance.
    Remember, it was Hugo Chavez who brought live the first electronic currency, the Sucre, in Summer of 2010 for the South American Trade alliance. For the first time, member nations could trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. The Sucre simply translates the value of each currency, making conversion to any other currency obsolete.
    I cannot believe what I am hearing, I tried copying Fareed Zakaria’s show…..what a friggin’ joke. David Cohen is saying Russia will suffer because the US is the world reserve currency and no international trade is completed without it.
    Either he is living in a haze, total denial, or he is crazy.
    Russia and China both dumped the dollar in November of 2010 after seeing the success of the Sucre, then went on to recruit Turkey, Iran (who has been accepting most currencies for years, & are now a very rich nation thanks to the Iraq war), many emerging African, South and Central American nations. India and Japan joined with them after the last round of sanctions on Iran. Brazil joined, New Zealand and Australia…..all have dumped the dollar. LESS than HALF the world now uses the dollar, and US propaganda claims they are still the world reserve currency. They are idiots.
    Yet, Fareed Zakaria had this stupid fool on first thing, claiming the US will win because they have the world reserve currency.
    These people are either demented or outright liars.
    Perhaps this is just propaganda for the US dummies who still watch US media. I recorded his show at 4AM, could not stand to watch it more than two minutes, the data was wrong, and slanted….deleted it. It is an insult to anyone with a mind.
    I am a historian, who studied the social, political and economic development of mankind with an emphasis on the art and science of propaganda. No wonder they want to shut down the web.
    This is beyond belief. The US is drumming up a war that nobody wants or needs.
    The US will lose, no nation can start a world war without a strong coalition…..and the US has no allies. Even the UK and Israel are strangely silent.
    What crap!


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