Shinzo Abe And Angela Merkel Agree To Cooperate On Ukraine


Abe, Merkel agree to cooperate on Ukraine (NHK, April 30, 2014):

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have agreed that their countries will work together to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.

The 2 leaders held an hour-long summit meeting and joint news conference on Wednesday in Berlin. Germany is the first stop on Abe’s European tour.

Prime Minister Abe said he had very significant talks with Chancellor Merkel. He said they discussed Ukraine and bilateral cooperation in security, economic and social fields, as well as human and intellectual exchanges.

The Japanese prime minister said the 2 leaders agreed to call on all parties involved in Ukraine to make efforts to defuse the crisis. Abe said Japan and Germany will work together to resolve the issue.

Abe added that they had also agreed to urge Russia to play a responsible role in the international community.

The prime minister noted that Japan will provide emergency support of 300,000 euros, or about 415,000 dollars, to the Council of Europe. These funds are intended to help stabilize the situation in Ukraine, in addition to the aid of 1.5 billion dollars already announced.

Abe said his administration also decided to offer 500,000 euros, or about 690,000 dollars, to international monitors sent to Ukraine from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

2 thoughts on “Shinzo Abe And Angela Merkel Agree To Cooperate On Ukraine”

  1. Erm….am I missing the point here?

    This man has much bigger issues to sort on behalf of mankind than mere skirmishes between EU & Russia.

    Does he even know he has a plant called FUKUSHIMA, which should be at the foremost of his priorities?????

  2. To Squodgy: The denial of the Japs is beyond belief, and he is definitely trying to gain friends wherever possible. He has just cut off all funds to the people from Fukushima, telling them to go home to sure death than give them another cent. He is evil, delusional or both, their behavior from day one has been insane.
    They are burning nuclear waste from Fukushima in conventional burners in Tokyo and other areas regardless these burners are not hot enough to kill the radioactive poisons. So, they are sending the poison into the air twice.

    If I were one of those people he is sending back to Fukushima, I would NOT go. I think the TEPCO executives and the Jap leaders should be forced to live in Fukushima, and find out what it is like to fry from the inside out.

    The denial is sicker than the worst alcoholic family of your nightmares. Regardless they are a falling country, nobody will accept their exports because of the high radioactive content……so they sell their vehicles from Mexico where they are made and prepared for market. Nothing from the islands themselves are safe.

    I think they are barbarians. I don’t understand why the Germans or anyone else even deals with them, they will all be dead very soon. Unfortunately, especially for those of us on the west coast of the Americas, we will be dead, too.

    Why are they playing politics instead of dealing with the monster in their own back yard? Good question. Perhaps a charge of global genocide might wake them up, but nobody is prepared to do that, it is too honest, and we have criminals in power.

    Great points, Squodgy, thanks!


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