East Ukraine Braces For Military Operation As Ultimatum Passes: Full Ukraine Event Recap

East Ukraine Braces For Military Operation As Ultimatum Passes: Full Ukraine Event Recap (ZeroHedge, April 14, 2014):

As was expected, so called Russian separatists completely ignored Ukraine’s 0600 GMT ultimatum to hand over their weapons and give up, which means Ukraine now is in the clear, according to its leaders, to engage in the previously warned military “anti-terrorist” operation. As a result, as Reuters updates,  “towns in eastern Ukraine on Monday braced for military action. As the 9 a.m. (07.00 a.m. BST) deadline issued by authorities in Kiev expired, a Reuters reporter in the flashpoint city of Slaviansk, where armed men had seized two government buildings, said there was no outward sign the rebels were complying with the ultimatum.” Subsequent reports indicated that since the deadline passed, at least 4 people have been killed however since virtually no “factual” propaganda news out of Ukraine is to be believed, we would heavily discount this update.


More from Reuters:

In Slaviansk as of 9 a.m. local time on Monday, a Russian flag still flew over police headquarters, one of two buildings taken over by the separatists, while masked men continued to man barricades of sandbags in front of it.

Even as the deadline passed, a truck appeared bringing more tyres to heap on top of the barricades to reinforce them.

There was tension in the air as people tried to go about their normal business, though school and colleges have been closed and parents advised to keep their children indoors.

Alexei Myzenko, a 38-year-old bank teller, was at work as usual, but he said he and his wife had told their son, who is at university in the eastern town of Kharkiv, not to attend lectures on Monday.

“We didn’t want anything to happen to him,” said Myzenko. “Of course, some people are afraid. But they are still lining up to get their pensions,” he said.

Myzenko said his wife, who is a teacher, had been called by the town administration to tell her that school was cancelled until further notice.

Presenting “military forward guidance”

Iryna Zemlyanskaya, 62, who works as a pharmacist, said: “I am going to work. They’ve promised to use force so many times and have not done a single thing. No-one’s even afraid anymore.”

Below is the complete recap of overnight events courtesy of RanSquawk:

  • Interim President Turchinov had set a deadline of 0600 GMT for the rebels to lay down their arms or face full anti-terrorist operations, however this deadline was not met. Since then 4 people have been killed in the clashes in Slovyansk.
  • Ukraine President Turchinov says Kiev leadership ‘not against’ referendum being held in Eastern Ukraine at the same time as Presidential election.
  • At least 100 Pro-Russian separatists attack police headquarters in east Ukraine city of Horlivka.
  • Following the news of increasing tensions coming from Ukraine, Germany has halted arms export licenses to Russia, according to Ministry.
  • EU is looking at stage 3 sanctions for Russia which could include economic and financial measures, according to Irish Deputy Premier Gilmore.
  • Polish Foreign Minister says the situation in Ukraine could be used as pretext for armed Russian intervention.
  • UK Foreign Secretary Hague says there can be no doubt that events in Eastern Ukraine have been instigated by Russia, that Russian denials of involvement do not have a shred of creditability and that further sanctions have to be the response to Russia’s behaviour in East Ukraine.
  • Donetsk’s branch of the Party of Regions will have an urgent convention in Donetsk on April 16.
  • Former Prime Minister and Batkivshchyna party leader Yulia Tymoshenko called Ukrainians for general mobilization. She also backed the government’s decision to use military force against separatists in the east.
  • Pro-Russian rioters have stormed the police station in the city of Horlivka, a city of 290,000 people in Donetsk oblast. Before seizing the building, protesters threw rocks at windows and set small fires on the ground floor, which police officers promptly extinguished. Police initially lobbed stun grenades to repel the attacking protesters.

Should Ukraine once again escalate and launch the trumpeted military operation, watch for a prompt and significant Russian response.

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