NSA Was Directly Spying On Congress, The Supreme Court And Journalists Under Direct Orders Of Vice President Dick Cheney (Video)

Added: Apr 5, 2014


Before Edward Snowden there was Russell Tice, a former NSA employee. During the Bush Administration, Tice turned whistle blower after he discovered that the NSA was directly spying on members of congress, the Supreme Court, and journalists under direct orders of Vice President Dick Cheney himself.

3 thoughts on “NSA Was Directly Spying On Congress, The Supreme Court And Journalists Under Direct Orders Of Vice President Dick Cheney (Video)”

  1. Cheney is one of the most evil men to ever occupy a seat of power in this country. He was also a big player in the Nixon administration……and evil back then.
    He creeps me out, he has the deadest eyes I have ever seen. Even as a young man in the Nixon years, his nasty disposition was obvious…….I have a very clear memory of those years, I was a grown woman at the time Nixon was elected president.

  2. The US Government has turned the Internet into something it was never intended to be: a system for spying on us in our most private moments. By tapping Internet cables, undermining security standards, and getting our data from companies in secret, the National Security Agency has built the largest surveillance apparatus in history and is collecting information on most Internet users.

    This is a watershed moment for our freedom to live our lives and the privacy to be who we are. With NSA surveillance programs, the US Government now has the power to arbitrarily track, target, and go after any one of us — our friends, family, the journalists and activists we depend on — because they don’t like our ideas. In a world without privacy, anything you’ve written, done, or seen can be used against you, making your life a nightmare. Spying IS censorship. Now that we know, WE decide what happens next. Please take a minute to visit and “Like” my page! Thank You!!
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