Anonymous: Rothschilds & Malaysian Airlines MH370 Connection (Video)


Freescale Patent Holders Were Not On Malaysian Airlines MH370

5 thoughts on “Anonymous: Rothschilds & Malaysian Airlines MH370 Connection (Video)”

  1. I have been asking from the beginning…….WHO was on the plane? 70 engineers from one company who have been working on specialized semiconductors for military applications. Why has nobody discussed who was on board?
    I have said from the gate: Planes don’t vanish today. Far too many survey devices are around today to let that happen. No parts, no black box, nothing.
    Also, the fact the pilots shut down all three avenues of communication devices before they vanished. No words questioning that little fact.
    I have personally never paid much heed to Anonymous, but they certainly have some interesting questions. A pity they have to be anonymous…….so much for free speech or civil rights.
    I commend them for digging up the details the rest of us could not find. I heard Bill Maher say on his show last night that the plane was the least important…..plastic being dumped in the ocean is adding to acidic levels. I don’t doubt what he said about the plastic, I do take issue with the denial I see everywhere.
    (He had a scientist on who said the oceans provide 80% of our oxygen level, if the oceans die, we die. Fukushima, anyone?)
    Thank you for posting this, this six minute statement covered many questions I had.
    The Rothschild family has a very interesting history. When the Nazis grabbed the senior member of that family, he was kept in a cell complete with oriental rugs, his own chef, unlimited right to visitors while the family organized his ransom. For a few million dollars, they let him go. If the Nazis had believed their own BS, he would have been the last person they would release. Money talks, BS walks.

  2. Now, the biggest deadbeat credit agency has downgraded the Ukraine…..saying that default is eminent. Who the hell are they to talk…..? They lied themselves blue in the face protecting Enron and other sleazebag companies.
    This makes me sick, they ought to be in jail, not rating nations. Moody’s exported Enron accounting to the rest of the world.


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