Town Covers Up Agent Orange Scandal At Former Air Force Base (Video)

Added: Apr 2, 2014


Was Agent Orange, the notorious toxic defoliant used in the Vietnam War, buried improperly near the now-closed Chanute Air Force Base outside of Rantoul, Illinois? There are several whistleblowers and journalists that have been trying to bring the story to the public’s attention and implement the proper safety measures, but it seems several forces at work in the town and near the former base are less interested in containing the potential contamination that in maintaining the town’s reputation.

Hazardous chemicals expert and Chanute Restoration Advisory Board Member Doug Rokke brought forward documents and testimony from the whistleblower Michael Glasser showing that he handled and disposed of Agent Orange and other harmful chemicals near the base in the 1960s and is now 100% disabled from his activity in pesticide management and now has bladder, prostate and urethra cancer from his time in the service. But several accounts show that officials ensured that Glasser’s account was not heard, that Rokke would be marginalized and kicked out of public meetings and that stories would not appear in the papers about the dangerous chemicals that could cause multiple types of cancer and birth defects.

Read more from this long Chanute saga, and maybe the truth will out at last:…………

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