Official: Radioactive Material Escaping Everyday From WIPP And Dispersing – Expert: Leaks From ‘UNFILTERED’ Ducts Went On FOR WEEKS

Official: Radioactive material escaping everyday from WIPP and dispersing — Top officials “not made available for comment” — Expert: Leaks from ‘unfiltered’ ducts went on for weeks (ENENews, March 20, 2014):

Carlsbad Current Argus, Mar. 19, 2014: [Last week’s radiation release] incident is believed to have been caused from a buildup of radioactive particles that eventually escaped the duct much like smoke from a chimney, and officials anticipate more residual releases until the original source of last month’s radiation leak can be fixed. “Small amounts (of radioactive particles) are escaping everyday and we’re going to see those spikes every once in a while,” said Donavan Mager, spokesman for the Nuclear Waste Partnership. “It’s so small that it’s going to disperse quickly. Everything is working the way we expect it to and as it was designed, otherwise you wouldn’t see any (particles escaping) if the leak was contained.” […] WIPP officials said Wednesday they plan to test the mine’s HEPA filters to ensure they’re working as expected. […] DOE and NWP officials will provide another public update at the weekly Carlsbad town hall meeting on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. in the city council chambers on 101 N. Halagueno Street. DOE Carlsbad Field Office Manager Jose Franco and newly-appointed NWP president Bob McQuinn were not made available for comment on the situation.

Nuclear Hotseat with Libbe HaLevy, Mar. 18, 2014 — Don Hancock, The Southwest Research and Information Center (at 38:45 in): There are normally 3 ducts that the air comes out on the surface, and all of those are supposed to be closed when the ventilation system goes into filtration mode (i.e. Rather than venting the underground air into the environment, the underground air first goes through this filtration process with the HEPA filters). DOE always maintained from the beginning that everything was working fine. It wasn’t until about 3 weeks later that they said, ‘Well we sent a worker in to put foam in the dampers of those 3 ducts that vent to the outside because they were almost totally closed, but not totally closed, and so there was leakage coming out of them.’ So again there was some radioactivity coming out beyond what might have passed through the filters themselves. DOE now says that those have been sealed off, and so the ventilation and air all has to go through the filters.

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Full Nuclear Hotseat interview available here

3 thoughts on “Official: Radioactive Material Escaping Everyday From WIPP And Dispersing – Expert: Leaks From ‘UNFILTERED’ Ducts Went On FOR WEEKS”

  1. Dispersing my arse!
    I have a small Russian geiger counter, bought to monitor the Fukushima worldwide effects. Government & Environmental departments have categorically stated there will be no effect over here in UK.
    In USA, the effects are dramatic, predicted by those who ‘know nothing’, but still MSM play deaf, dumb & blind.
    Where we are in Cumbria, I take readings weekly, when it rains heavily. Three months ago, it was just background level = .06Micro Seiverts (McSv).
    Last month the alarm went bananas at .60 McSv, or 10 times background level.
    Last week it read background only.
    Today it was .39McSv, or over six times background.
    This proves two things, a) my machine is not on demo mode & shows variations b) there is a random deposit of irradiated particles in the rain which depends on the jetstream.
    It must be noted that in both cases of high readings, the rain had been engineered, being the result of heavy chemtrailing three days prior.
    Question….are Chemtrails being used to accelerate dispersal of radioactive particles?
    Second question…Does anyone really know what they’re doing any more?

  2. Infinite,
    I’ve had to re-check my figures. For the first two years, the background was indeed .06 McSv/hr (except three weeks after the original explosions when we had a spike to roughly .4.
    However this last year the average background has been .09 -.11. Which averages at .1.
    Doing the simple mathematics, (we call it MATHS…not math) and taking into account we have roughly 14 hours rain/week with readings of .39, the cumulative readings are calculated as follows:
    52 x 14 x .4 = 291 Mcroiseiverts.
    52 x 154 x .1 =801 ”
    TOTAL MICROSEIVERTS per CURRENT YEAR = 1092 = 1.092 Milliseiverts
    The original basic background level of .06 extrapolates to 524 Microseiverts/year or 0.524 Milliseiverts.
    This means our dosage of radiation has increased 100% in three years.
    Whilst it is still well below the bullshit safe limit ( of 2.0 Milliseiverts which is calculated by people not having a clue what they are doing), based on the admission by TEPCO that it is an ELE which hasn’t a hope in hell’s chance of stopping for at least 40 years if they live long enough to work out and operate the required technology, it would seem fair that (apart from the fact we’ve all got to put our heads between our knees and sing Valencia), the UK, contrary to the official Government line, is going to exceed the safe limit within the next three years at the most, based on the trend I report. Remember the bullshit safe limit was worked out following the Windscale fire and the effects on grunts during and after the nuclear bomb tests in the 1950’s, so it is at least honest.
    Obviously, being an average 4000 miles nearer, you will be subjected to far more, and for your family’s sake, I hope you have got yourself one of these toys & practice your recommendations on supplements etc.
    This shit is invisible, and nobody but nobody really knows what is going on or what can happen.
    Just take care.


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