John McCain’s 11-Step Plan To Impose ‘Costs’ On Russia


John McCain’s 11-Step Plan To Impose “Costs” On Russia (ZeroHedge, March 19, 2014):

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) released the following statement on the need to provide greater support to Ukraine and impose additional costs on Russia in the wake of the Russian government’s annexation of Crimea today… clearly seeking the diplomatic way out…

Statement by Senator John McCain on Ukraine

“In response to the Russian government’s annexation of Crimea today, the United States should provide greater support to Ukraine and impose additional costs on Russia, including:

  1. “Pass the bipartisan legislation that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved last week, which authorizes $1 billion in loan guarantees for Ukraine, democracy and security assistance for Ukraine, targeted sanctions against Russian officials, and steps to strengthen the IMF’s ability to be a stronger partner to Ukraine.
  2. “Work with NATO to rush plane-loads of food and other humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian soldiers and civilians in eastern Ukraine.
  3. “Work through the OSCE to approve and deploy a large civilian monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine that could help set the record straight about alleged threats to ethnic Russians and reveal Putin’s effort to inflame the situation as a pretext for further aggression.
  4. “Rush the modest military assistance to the Ukrainian government that its leaders have requested, including some small arms and ammunition, as well as significant non-lethal assistance, such as protective equipment, spare parts, fuel, and sharing of intelligence.
  5. “Work with NATO and other partners to support the Ukrainian government in designing and resourcing a long-term assistance program to rebuild and reform Ukraine’s military.
  6. “Enhance NATO’s force presence, security cooperation, and military exercises, especially in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries.
  7. “Work within NATO to take all necessary steps that can prepare for the expansion of the alliance to include countries such as Georgia and Montenegro as soon as possible.
  8. “Expand significantly the U.S. and E.U. targeted sanctions against the most corrupt Russian government officials, companies, and financial institutions.
  9. “Use the Magnitsky Act to sanction additional Russian officials for their gross violations of human rights.
  10. “Take more assertive steps to isolate Russia internationally, including by repeated votes in the U.N. Security Council and a G-7 boycott of the G-8 Summit in Sochi.
  11. “Take steps to permit and enhance the exportation of U.S. oil and natural gas, especially to NATO allies and other European partners, in order to decrease Europe’s reliance on Russian supplies of energy.

The United States and our allies and partners must remain committed to supporting the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Ukraine, which includes Crimea.”

Seems like lots of spending, not much talking, and a whole lot that will set in place retaliation…

8 thoughts on “John McCain’s 11-Step Plan To Impose ‘Costs’ On Russia”

  1. This man is one of the key factors as to why the ordinary people of the world are sick and tired of US interference, bullying, blackmailing, threatening, waging war, making demands and being generally obnoxious and pandering to zionist jews.
    He looks dead, I wish he was, then we could all get on with our lives.

  2. I didn’t read it. He was the 3rd from the BOTTOM at the war college, and he would never have been admitted but for his father. He is a total idiot…..why waste the space on him?

  3. John McCain died the day he sold out……..he is a walking corpse, and he is totally irrelevant in today’s miserable world. Unfortunately, there are plenty more just like him………the walking dead. Look at his eyes, dead as a snake’s. DC is full of the same dead eyed, soulless whores who know there is no hope, and spend their time lining their pockets instead.
    I wish my ancestors had remained in England.

  4. In response to Squodgy…I am answering you a lot these days.
    The problem with “what does it mean” is the fact it does not address Fukushima, and what that portends for the world. I remember a saying “Man plans, God laughs.”
    There is no precedent for Fukushima, it doesn’t easily fit into a box. Too many people are ignoring it because it’s presence throws total chaos into all theories.
    Also, the problem with donations. Many potential donors fear getting their name on a list for a small amount of money. Perhaps old fashioned mail box addresses might help? I tried sending this site some money, and the technology is so difficult (I am conceptually technical, helped build some of this madness) and was unable to complete the transaction. If I had an address, the problem could be easily resolved.
    We need to simplify. We have a media that won’t cover any truth, and thanks to brave bloggers (especially this site) we can find truth, if we dig for it. The newspapers (now vanishing, too) and news magazines and sites are full of obfuscation and tabloid.
    Isn’t it ironic? In a world full of data, it is becoming more difficult every day to find any truth at all.


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