Vladimir Kramnik Vs Garry Kasparov – Kasparov’s Immortal Queen Sacrifice (Video)


During his dominant reign as the 13th world chess champion, Garry Kasparov was playing some of the most aggressive chess ever seen in the history of the game. Many of Kasparov´s games were downright inspirational as he consistently sought to maximize complications and pressure against his unfortunate opponents. In the follow chess video, we will examine a legendary game where Kasparov employs an early queen sacrifice very similar to the Bronstein Variation of the King´s Indian Defense. In compensation for the sacrificed queen, Kasparov obtains 2 minor pieces and a pawn accompanied by an incredibly dangerous initiative across the entire board. This game is a true masterpiece and boasts extremely high instructional value for playing actively and dynamically in positions of material imbalance.

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