Russia Today’s News Channel Suspended On YouTube

RT - Russia Today

Russia Today YouTube channel suspended

Spam? Gaming? Unlikely.

Other Terms of Service violations? Maybe.

It is easy for Google to dig something up if Google really wanted to shut down RT.

Or is it because of ‘misleading content’?

How about RT’s coverage of the Ukraine situation, which is definitely not being in line with western media propaganda?

RT America (another Russia Today channel) is still up.

2 thoughts on “Russia Today’s News Channel Suspended On YouTube”

  1. Obama has proved himself a vindictive and angry man. Anyone who shows him up will get hit with any weapon he has at his disposal. His store of weapons is pretty weak if he is down to You Tube………
    His fool ass, clown Kerry puts sanctions on a nation that stopped using the dollar in 2010……..don’t these idiots pay attention at all? This makes them look even more foolish.


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