John Kerry: If Crimea Referendum Takes Place, Sanctions Against Russia To Follow

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John Kerry

If Crimea referendum takes place, sanctions against Russia to follow – US’s Kerry (Voice of Russia, March 14, 2014):

If the Crimean referendum takes place there will be some sanctions and some response, US State Secretary John Kerry has said after the meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the situation in Ukraine.

John Kerry said that Russian President Vladimir Putin will make no decision on Ukraine until after Sunday’s referendum on the region of Crimea.

Kerry also added after six hours of talks with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in London that the Russian “made it clear that President Putin is not prepared to make any decision regarding Ukraine until after the referendum on Sunday.

The US Secretary of State warned that the recognition from Moscow of Crimea’s referendum on “rejoining” Russia would represent a “back-door annexation” of the Ukrainian region and here would be “consequences if Russia does not find a way to change course.”

Kerry says he put many “constructive ideas” on the table during the London meeting.

“After much discussion the foreign minister made clear that President (Vladimir) Putin is not prepared to make any decision regarding Ukraine until after the referendum on Sunday,” Kerry said.

On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the US Secretary of State John Kerry held talks on the situation in Ukraine in the US ambassador’s residence in London. The foreign policy chiefs hoped that the meeting will help the sides to come to an agreement on the Ukrainian situation.

The situation with Ukraine is a difficult one as a lot has happened, Russian FM Sergei Lavrov said earlier in the day at the opening of a meeting with the US Secretary of State John Kerry.

4 thoughts on “John Kerry: If Crimea Referendum Takes Place, Sanctions Against Russia To Follow”

  1. Sanctions? Against whom? Russia? They dumped the dollar in November of 2010 along with China.
    Does this ass know what he is saying?
    Talk about empty threats…….Russia was one of the leading nations moving the entire economic world away from using the dollar in international trade……electronic currencies have made the entire idea of conversion to anyone’s currency obsolete. Electronic currencies translate the value of each nations currency when an international trade is made………..less than 50% of the world even uses the dollar any longer.
    At the rate the US makes enemies, the number will continue to increase…..making the dollar weaker every year. That is what fools like this ass do to nations that allow idiots to run them.

  2. The last four US elections have shown one common theme….APATHY.
    With the exception of Obama’s first election, where the whole country seemed to have strong feelings against what Bush & his back-room boys had done to the country and others around the world for themselves, apathy ruled more than anything.
    In fact the turnout was only 30% on average, split 50/50 necessitating vote counting fraud in Florida (remember the Chads, then the disenfranchisement of blacks should some minion say they had a criminal record even if they didn’t?).
    But it didn’t matter who actually got more votes, the decision who wins is a foregone conclusion pre-arranged by the Bilderberg Illuminati.
    So that’s true democracy at work.
    Is it possible Putin is doing the same and that’s why Kerry/Obama are rejecting the result regardless of the outcome.
    It’s not fair, Vlad didn’t interfere in US politics.

  3. To Squodgy: Democracy is an academic concept, it has never existed outside the pages of a history- sociological book……..the US used to be a republic and the entire abuse of the word democracy used around the world is total crap……
    As for apathy, in the last election, we had the largest turnout since the days of Dwight D. Eisenhower, more than 52% of the people voted……and the mindless drones never did vote…….so that was an amazing turnout. Apathy is vanishing as millions more struggle for basic survival, but it is too late.
    Citizens United, passed by the supreme court in 2010 ceded the broken US election process to the corporations allowing unfettered, undocumented funds from any corporation around the world to weigh in with as much money as they want to destroy the US as it was once known.
    Add in the rigged voting machines that have still never been addressed or fixed, and it is too late. I saw a voting machine with my own eyes that changed the vote of an entire precinct with the flick of one switch.
    When the corporate media comes out with the voting results as soon as the polls close in CA, that ought to tell anyone the outcome was pre-arranged. Voting is a joke.
    I just got a notice from the voting folks asking if I wanted to vote online…….get rid of that worthless paper……….
    The system has been hijacked, and it is too late.
    People are trying the old system of voting only to find it doesn’t work, the most evil and corrupt bastards remain in power no matter how despised and hated. John Boehner ran unopposed last time and Harry Reid was put up against a religious fanatic……….I have seen them run mentally retarded candidates against really bad ones to keep them in office.
    The system has been hijacked.
    I agree they need to leave Putin alone….the main reason is that they cannot beat him. He has the people behind him, the US does not. That is the real story, but they bury any truth under nonstories like this one, or any others tabloid trash they can find.


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