US Drafted Ukraine Coup Scenario For 2015 Presidential Vote: Ex-Ukrainian Security Chief


US drafted Ukraine coup scenario for 2015 presidential vote – ex-Ukrainian security chief (Voice of Russia, March 13, 2014):

Ukraine’s former National Security Chief Alexander Yakimenko has said that the scenario we saw play out in Ukraine had been brought out of mothballs by Washington that planned to use it during the presidential election in 2015.

Mr. Yakimenko said in an interview with the Rossia 24 channel that the Ukrainian coup had unfolded according to a US scenario laid out ahead of the 2015 vote. “The West wasn’t happy with President Yanukovych. So they did everything to convince him of their loyalty. They assured [Yanukovych] that Europe would stand by his side, while at the same time preparing for a regime change in 2015”.

The ex-SBU chief said the West had been stalling for time in talks with the EU to give Yanukovych and Putin a chance to strike all necessary deals that would allow Russia to prop-up Ukraine socially, politically and economically and then bring Ukraine into the EU fold at Russia’s expense.

He noted that the President’s decision to put the EU association agreement on hold came as a shock to the US. “Europe was ready to amend some articles of the deal during negotiations and even considered Ukraine’s role as a mediator between Russia and the European Union, a move the United States strongly objected to”.

“So, of course, they were forced to enact this protest scenario [earlier than planned],” Yakimenko concluded.

The United States and Poland have played a force multiplier role in the Ukrainian coup, where Washington was reluctant to let the conflict de-escalate into a peaceful settlement. This is according to Ukraine’s former Security Chief, Alexander Yakimenko.

“At Maidan, there were several political parties and movements who then joined forces to build the Right Sector, plus Western patrons, of course,” the former head of Ukraine’s National Security Service said in an interview with the Rossia 24 TV channel.

“Poland and the United States played a special role in it. Poland was represented by the EU’s envoy in Ukraine [Jan Tadeusz] Tombiński. He is a Polish national, which regards its participation in the EU, NATO and all manner of blocs and organizations as a means to boost its leverage.”

Mr. Yakimenko said Poland “pulled every string,” using the EU and NATO as its vehicles to “subjugate Ukraine”.

According to the disgraced security chief, Washington wasn’t content with the EU’s peace initiative in Ukraine. “They weren’t too happy about EU’s intent to go ahead with peace negotiations and peace policy [in Ukraine]. They weren’t happy about the attitude of EU leaders or of [EU’s High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy] Catherine Ashton, who held talks with Yanukovych as the country’s legitimate president”.

Snipers, who were killing people during the Euromaidan, were positioned in the philharmonic society building. For a time, the building was controlled by Andrey Parubiy, commandant of the Euromaidan, Alexander Yakimenko, former Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, told Rossiya 1 Russian TV channel. He thinks that Parubiy made contact with the US intelligence representatives.

“Snipers shot people from the philharmonic society building, which was controlled by commandant Andrey Parubiy. These people attacked Ukrainian law enforcers, who were demoralized and fled, because snipers were shooting them,” Alexander Yakimenko said.

“The law enforcers were chased by people armed with different types of weapon. At the very moment, snipers began to shoot the pursuers when the first wave of shootings ended, witnesses saw 20 people, leaving the philharmonic building. These people wore a special uniform, cases for sniper rifles and AKMs rifles. The fact is that is was not only law enforcers who saw these people, but Maidan protestors, including representative of Svoboda, Right Sector, Batkivshchyna and UDAR parties as well.

According to Yakimenko, during the massacre the opposition leaders contacted him and asked him to deploy a special force unit to scoop out the snipers from buildings in central Kiev, but Parubiy made sure that didn’t happen.

“The Right Sector and Freedom Party have requested that I use the Alpha group to cleanse these buildings, stripping them of snipers,” Yakimenko said. According to him Ukrainian troops were ready to move in and eliminate the shooters.

“I was ready to do it, but in order to go inside Maidan I had to get the sanction from Parubiy. Otherwise the ‘self-defense’ would attack me from behind. Parubiy did not give such consent,” Yakimenko said noting that the Maidan leader had full authority over access to weapons on Maidan, and not a single gun, including a sniper rifle, could get in or out of the square.

The latest developments in Ukraine were the result of an accelerated implementation by external forces, first of all, the United States, of a scenario that was to be used in the country in 2015 during presidential elections, the former head of the Ukrainian Security Service, Alexander Yakimenko, said in interview with Rossiya 24 Russian TV station.

He said Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich was out of favor in the West, adding that a number of countries were conducting work aimed at bringing to power representatives of other political forces at the 2015 presidential elections.

He said Western countries “flirted” with Yanukovich saying Europe was supporting him, and planned “to protract the negotiating process” for Kiev to sign an association agreement with the European Union “for Russia to help reinforce the social and political structure in Ukraine”.

According to Yakimenko, this was “to bring Ukraine to Europe for Russian money” later by replacing the Ukrainian president.

Ukrainian President Yanukovich left Ukraine in February after a coup in his country. He told reporters in southern Russia on Tuesday that he remained the legitimate Ukrainian leader despite “an anti-constitutional seizure of power by armed radicals.” Russia considers Yanukovich the legitimate Ukrainian president.

The coup came on the wave of mass anti-government protests in Ukraine that started in November 2013 when the country’s authorities refused to sign an association agreement with the EU at a Vilnius summit, opting for closer ties with Russia instead.

Yakimenko also said some representatives of the new Kiev authorities are now still actively implementing the will of their American patrons who “need a Ukraine that would fulfill what they believe necessary”.

He said he believes the West will continue its policy aimed at destabilizing the situation in Ukraine’s southeastern regions and then in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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