Wall Street Bonuses Soar 15% To Highest Since 2007

Wall Street Bonuses Soar 15% To Highest Since 2007 (ZeroHedge, March 12, 2014):

Wall Street bonuses (on average) in 2013 rose 15% to the highest since 2007. As OSC Tom DiNapoli notes, “Securities industry employees took home significantly higher bonuses on average… although profits were lower than the prior year.” In fact, as we noted earlier, profits at the banks fell 30%.


Average compensation for securities industry professionals in New York City ($360,700) were 5.2 times greater than the rest of the private sector ($69,200).


Thank You Ben…

But don’t get too excited… The US is not #1 when it comes to bonuses…

Which global financial services centre should you situate yourself in if you work in banking and want to earn a big bonus? Surprisingly perhaps, the eFinancialCareers 2013 bonus survey suggests the answer is the City of London.


The average bonus in the UK was $98k (£58k) in 2013, according to survey respondents. This compares to an average of $72.9k in the U.S. and just $32.7k and $20.2k in Hong Kong and Singapore respectively.


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  1. Can’t these greedy people who are the products of the greed culture set up by the Milton Friedmen/Reagan/Thatcher alliance realise the disparity is immoral & will eventually create conflict?

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