Fukushima: Mayor Evacuated His Own Kids While Trying To Get Other Families To Stay

Fukushima Farmer: Nuclear is the most terrible thing, people don’t realize how horrible and scary it is — Sending this to future generations is unbelievable — “I don’t want to be their guinea pig” — Mayor evacuated his own kids while trying to get families to stay, this is a significant crime (AUDIO) (ENENews, March 4, 2014):

NHK, Mar. 3, 2014 (emphasis added): Japan’s education ministry has revised its instructional booklets on radiation […] The new booklets include maps […] They also explain the impact of harmful rumors about the disaster on the farming and tourism industries […] Education ministry officials say they hope the materials will provide accurate facts about Fukushima to help school children make the right decisions.

Interview with Kenichi Hasegawa, farmer from Iitate village, Fukushima Prefecture, Greenpeace Canada, Mar. 3, 2014 (at 4:15 in):

  • They gathered residents in […] a very highly radioactive place. After these ‘radiation safe’ lectures, the mayor of Iitate Village came and directly thanked the lecturers in front of the village people. This kind of thing repeated again and again. […] the mayor himself evacuated his own children to other areas. I think this is a significant crime. […] children can’t run away by themselves. And these lecturers reassured the parents to stay here, and so the children stayed too. So I think what the mayor did is a crime. […] Mr. Yamashita he was really terrible, because he said what the government is saying is right, you have to believe them because you are the people — you are the nation. And also he said, “I’m a doctor and I’m a scientist and I have data backing me up. That’s why you need to believe […] The radiation, it likes negative people.”
  • “I don’t want to be their guinea pig,” that’s what I wrote and sent to [Yamashita]. What’s incredible to me, what’s making me very angry — according to some news article in Asahi recently — those people are now saying that iodine pills should have been taken at that time […] which is unforgivable.
  • Nuclear is the most terrible thing. People just don’t realize it ,and now people are convinced — or the government is trying to convince people that cheap electricity means nuclear power generated electricity — but in reality from my point of view people need to understand how horrible it is, how scary it is and to send such a horrible and scary thing to the next generation, just for cheap electricity, that’s unbelievable, that shouldn’t happen. [Note: If actual costs (spent fuel storage/disposal, reactor decommissioning, accident risk, employee and community health effects, etc.) are included “nuclear energy is the most expensive form of power generation” says former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.]

Full interview with Hasegawa here

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  1. This is a crime of depraved indifference on a scale that is worse than any in my lifetime. Not since the Nazis gassed people in their slave camps has there been such outright extermination of people….his own people…..and their children…….for what? Cheap electricity? Corporate compliance?

    This is madness, its criminal, and nothing is done to punish the wrongdoers or condemn those who participate. I just read Japan will not hold TEPCO guilty of any crimes for Fukushima, they blame it on nature and an act of God. As if nature or God put the reactors on an earthquake prone area with limited safeguards. Their crimes around Fukushima have guaranteed the death of millions….including this SOB of a mayor… and his children.
    Radiation is a dreadful death, it cooks one from the inside.

    I have a movie called “On The Beach” on my DVR, and I recommend it highly. It was made in 1959, and it is about the last living humans on earth after nuclear war. It has no hope, but at least, they have pills to take when the time comes. Our leaders don’t even have that on the table. The US has been destroyed by the vandals within, as Lincoln called them. In this case, they are our leaders, and there are few in their number who care about this nation, or the people.

    I have an illness that will soon take my life, and I am amazed at the number of people who think I should fight it only to die of Japan’s radiation instead. At this point, I see it as being rescued from a horrible death. When first diagnosed, Japan’s disaster had happened a few months before. Nothing was being said about it, save from this site and a few other articles I was able to find. The silence was more disturbing than anything.

    All of us on the west coast will soon die from Fukushima. If nothing is done, so will the rest of north America. Since there is no technology in place to stop it, we are indeed facing our own extinction. After all the years I wondered why great civilizations vanish, I never realized I would see it with my own eyes.

    The biggest contributor to the end of any civilization is group rule by fools. Even the old pharaohs ended up with stupid, greedy advisors running things, and they were swallowed whole by Rome. Run right, it might have survived for many more centuries, it was an amazingly rich and scientifically advanced nation.

    This debacle has made me fully understand why people cannot rule themselves, they are too lazy and apathetic to pay attention. Politics takes work, and most people are not interested. Had I not grown up in politics, I might be just like them.

    Nobody here is going to live a long life, the poisons are everywhere, and the Pacific Ocean is already two thirds dead. By the end of 2015, unless storms speed up the process, it will be completely dead.

    People don’t realize what this portends. There are millions of ways nature takes care of this planet, normally not noticed or commented upon.

    The scavenger animals that normally eat dead road kill and creatures from the sea won’t touch the ones from the ocean because they are radioactive, and not safe to eat. As a result, the bodies lie on the beach and rot……there are no services in place to pick them up and dispose of them. The stench while they rot will be unbelievable, and those who live by the ocean will not be able to stay there.

    Even lifeguards at the ocean have been eliminated due to endless budget cuts while our leaders continue to gorge themselves on expense accounts and raise their own six figure salaries every year regardless unemployment and food costs continue to climb. They get new vehicles to drive every year, free gasoline and maintenance……they don’t pay for a thing. They suck from the public trough, and do nothing.

    For our once beautiful beaches that brought millions in tourism to visit….no money for that now.
    These diseased creatures on our beaches, along with all the trash from Japan of old shoes, clothes and buildings just sit on our coast. Volunteers cannot clean it up, it is highly toxic. Also, how will we dispose of it? Japan has been burning radioactive waste in conventional burners regardless the fires aren’t hot enough, sending the poisons twice into the atmosphere. Those who believe in depopulation have a strong argument due to this behavior. A world of law would have the Japanese leaders in the world court facing death charges for genocide.

    Nothing is being done to prepare people for this ongoing disaster, or to clean up the diseased and radioactive trash.
    Nobody is paying attention. The sick virtual reality the US and the west feed the people has no room for such serious subjects as survival of the species.

    The false progressive in the white house continues to remove basic civil rights while cutting aid to the hungry and unemployed without comment from the corporate media. Police can now search anyone’s home without a warrant, and nobody says a word. The military can sweep up any civilian and lock them away for years without charges or any due process. Habeas corpus, a right of man since 1215 is gone. Yet, how many Americans even knew what it was?

    What really gets me about this entire issue is the falsehood that this will be suffered only by the next generation. It is going to kill us all. Not in 20 or 30 years, we don’t have more time…..we are all going to die soon.

    A few months ago, I read hundreds of dead sea turtles washed ashore in Costa Rica. Dogs (not knowing any better) ran and ate them, and died instantly. That ought to tell anyone the level of radiation is much higher than admitted, it is in our water, soil, crops and air. There is no escape.

    I have read they are building fallout shelters for greedy guts complete with indoor swimming pools. Another idiot is selling one way tickets to Mars, and fools are actually buying them. Do these beings have the sense of a moth?
    What good is living if you cannot go outside? I would hate to live underground, that is for moles. As for Mars….that is beyond stupid.


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