Recent Photos From The National Archives Prove: Lee Harvey Oswald Was FRAMED (Video)

YouTube Added: Oct 16, 2013


[Note: Volume 3 of the book on which this video is based will be given away for free on the Kindle on the 22d of every month]

Don’t go to the grave believing that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin of President Kennedy. For the last 50 years, evidence proving that Lee Harvey Oswald was framed has been sitting in the National Archives, and until now no one has exposed this evidence. It is a shocking story.

These photographs prove that the chain of custody sequence tying the shells that were found on the floor of the Depository to the ones in the possession of the Warren commission has been COMPLETELY obliterated, and what’s more, that the shells tied to the rifle claimed to be Oswald’s were PLANTED. Don’t take our word for it; show this video to a professor of evidence at any law school in the country, and ask them about the implications of this evidence for the case against Oswald. And while you’re at it, ask them about the implications of this evidence for the Warren Commission.

The next time someone tells you that anyone who believes that the assassination of Kennedy was the result of a conspiracy is a “nut”, pass along a link to this video, and ask them for their explanation. You’ll be waiting a long time . . .

The link to the photos in the National Archives that are displayed in this video is here:

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