PBS: Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Continues To Unfold (Video)


YouTube Added: Feb 28, 2014


The site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan remains a post-apocalyptic landscape of abandoned towns, frozen in time. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien got a rare tour inside the plant, where three nuclear reactors melted down after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, to learn more about the long-term solutions for stemming the radioactive contamination.

2 thoughts on “PBS: Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Continues To Unfold (Video)”

  1. At the end he says the crew absorbed less radiation than from a single chest x-ray.
    Based on Tepco’s record for lying and the Japanese Government’s awesome re-evaluation of ‘safe’ limits once it became obvious the old limits had been exceeded beyond recognition………I think NBC crew were very trusting, to the extent that might include stupidity.

  2. The NBC crew have been warned they will lose their jobs if they even mention radioactive poisons from Fukushima. There was an article about that very thing a couple of weeks ago. So called false liberal MSNBC issued that exact warning………
    When not allowed to cover life affecting stories, they ought not to be allowed to call themselves news casters……..liars is more truthful.
    What a bunch of gutless losers…..


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