Putin Reminds Obama Of Crimes Committed By Ultranationalists In Ukraine

Putin reminds Obama of crimes committed by ultranationalists in Ukraine (Voice of Russia, March 2, 2014):

Russian President Vladimir Putin has discussed the situation in Ukraine with his US counterpart Barack Obama by telephone. Putin reminded the US president of crimes committed by Ukrainian ultranationalists with the connivance of Kiev’s new¬†self-proclaimed government.

The conversation was at Obama’s request and lasted more than an hour, according to the Kremlin’s press service.

In response to Obama’s concerns over the possible use of Russian troops in Ukrainian territory, Putin said that Russia reserved the right to defend both its own interests and the interests of the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine if violence spread to Ukraine’s eastern provinces and Crimea.

Putin accentuated the existence of real threats to life and health for Russian citizens and millions of compatriots living in Ukraine.

Putin also spoke with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. He made clear that, if violence against the Russian-speaking population in eastern Ukraine and Crimea escalated, Russia would not remain aloof but would take all necessary measures within the framework of international law.

Both sides pinpointed the need to prevent the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine.

Putin shared his assessments of the situation in Ukraine in a follow-up telephone conversation with French President Francois Hollande. The two leaders discussed ways of promoting solutions to the crisis and agreed to maintain contact.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US counterpart Barack Obama discussed in detail “different aspects of an extraordinary situation in Ukraine” in a telephone conversation, the Kremlin press service reported on Sunday.

The Russian president noted that Russia retained the right to protect its interests and Russian speakers living in Ukraine if violence spread to eastern Ukrainian regions and the Crimea. Putin spoke of real threats to life and health for Russian citizens and numerous compatriots living in the country.

In reply to Obama’s concerns over plans on the possible use of Russian armed forces in Ukraine, Putin noted provocative and criminal actions by ultra-nationalistic elements that are actually encouraged by current authorities in Kiev.

The United States initiated the telephone conversation.

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