Pro-Russian Protesters Storm Kharkiv City Administration Building; Russian Flags Hoisted Across East Ukraine

Pro-Russian Protesters Storm Kharkiv City Administration Building; Russian Flags Hoisted Across East Ukraine (ZeroHedge, Mar 1, 2014):

Even as Russia has officially deployed its military to the Ukraine, its unofficial involvement in The Crimean was well known for days. A much more notable development would be if protesters in the pro-Russian eastern part of the country were to seize control of the second largest city in the Ukraine, Kharkiv, located just miles from the Russian border as this would quickly give Russia a foothold into the east of the nation with the tactical escalation abilities such a takeover would entail. Which is why the following clip of pro-Russian protesters storming the city administration in Kharkiv is of importance: should Ukraine lose control of the city, or is forced to use troops against the people, it would be just the pretext Russia needs to “defend” citizens in this part of the country, the same argument it used for military intervention in the Crimean.

The UNIAN news agency said thousands of people had gathered outside the building during a protest against the country’s new leaders who ousted President Viktor Yanukovich a week ago.The violence signalled that Ukraine’s new leaders could face a challenge in mainly Russian-speaking regions that oppose the largely pro-Western course charted by the newly installed government.

Kharkiv is not the only place where Pro-Russian forces are finally speaking up.

The leaders of Crimea, a Black Sea peninsula with an ethnic Russian majority that is home to a Russian naval base, say they have joined forces with Russian servicemen to exert control over key buildings.

Russian parliament has approved a proposal by President Vladimir Putin to deploy troops in Ukraine.

Protests against the new authorities also took place on Saturday in other cities, including Odessa, Dnipro and Donetsk, Yanukovich’s home town and power base.

The Russian flag was raised over the regional government building in Donetsk by several thousand pro-Russia activists waving the Russian tricolour and chanting “Russia! Russia!, witnesses said.

Russian flags are being put up across the east Ukraine (source Venoru):

russian flag

And in other news, Ukrainian boxer, vocal leader of the EuroMeidan opposition movement and potential future president, Vitali Klitschko just called for a general mobilization. After all he has the most to lose if the countercoup quickly sweeps away from power those who organized the original coup in the first place. From Reuters:

Vitaly Klitschko, a senior Ukrainian politician and likely presidential candidate, called on Saturday for a “general mobilisation” following Russian parliament’s decision to approve deploying troops in Ukraine’s Crimea region.

“Klitschko calls for a declaration on a general mobilisation,” the retired boxing champion’s political party UDAR (Punch) said, making clear he favoured a military mobilisation.

Finally, the world’s most useless organizations, the UN and European finance ministers, are pretending to be relevant:


Time for another Obama appearance to explain just what the “costs” that he mentioned are in his opinion. Because Putin seems to have missed the message.

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  1. Other than the paid trolls of the west, most people in the Ukraine see themselves as Russian. All the people of the former Soviet Union want a return to the glory of being a world power……they have forgotten any awful details…….being part of small countries doesn’t pay well. Since they are being forced to choose, they will choose what they understand, and with which they have historical and national ties. Putin will win this hands down, Obama and Co. need to go home and focus on rebuilding this nation. Americans, unlike the Russians in the Ukraine are sick of war and of enriching the few at the cost of everyone else. Americans don’t trust their leaders, and the leadership has become so ignorant and arrogant, they don’t even pay attention or care. This is leading to the sliding downhill Americans are experiencing……..the people rightfully don’t trust the corporate warmongers in power.
    Even folks who were never politically attentive are noticing how terrible and devoid of any information US propaganda has become…….it is highly polished propaganda, but the fools in power are overplaying, and the Americans are becoming more aware of it every day.
    Putin will win this one. The US needs to go home and focus on our own country. Americans are war weary, and sick of corporate leaders.


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