European Union Commits To Sanctions Against Ukraine

contentEuropean Union Commits To Sanctions Against Ukraine (ZeroHedge, Feb 20, 2014):

Following hours of talks between three European foreign ministers and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev, the EU has decided to go ahead with sanctions:

Having already proclaimed this move as “blackmail”, we are sure the Russians will be utilizing this move to further their support for the catastrophically divided nation.

1 thought on “European Union Commits To Sanctions Against Ukraine”

  1. They are all playing into Putin’s hands, he will come out the winner. Ukraine people have a historical connection to Russia that few westerners can comprehend.
    What a bunch of idiots. Now, they are going to side with the US. Germany is close to financial ruin after bailing out all the sick countries in the Eurozone, and they are going to finance this move, too? How stupid can you get?
    Most Ukraine citizens feel closer to Russia than the west.
    This will add to Putin’s powers.


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