1 thought on “Japan GDP Biggest Miss In 18 Months; Slowest Growth Since Before Second Coming Of Abe”

  1. Japan, just like China, has been lying about the true numbers. Many of their exports have been returned due to high radioactive poisons in them. Lucky they are MFG vehicles in Mexico and the US, or nobody would buy their vehicles, either
    Japan is dying thanks to Fukushima. Nobody will want their goods. Their garbage from the storm that destroyed nuclear plants, homes and businesses around it…….it is now on the Pacific beaches from Costa Rica to Alaska….shoes, clothes, wood…….How can we get rid of it? Good question.
    Anything being done about it? Of course not.
    The inactivity on this entire subject is sickening.
    18%? I bet the real number is 3-6X higher………


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