Senior Iraqi Commander: All Arms Confiscated From Terrorists Since 2006 Are Israeli-Made

Israeli arms seized from militants: Iraqi Cmdr. (PressTV, Feb 10, 2014):

A senior Iraqi commander says weapons seized from al-Qaeda-linked militants in the Arab country are advanced Israeli-made arms.

Fadhel Jamil al-Barwari, who is the commander of the prominent Golden Battalion, has made the remarks on his Facebook page, adding that all arms that have been confiscated from the terrorists since 2006 are Israeli-made.

The commander, who is from al-Barwari clan in an area between the city of Duhok and the Iraqi border in Kurdistan region, has also vowed to eliminate the foreign-backed militants.

Barwari established the Special Forces group for countering terrorism in the year 2003. The group, along with the Iraqi army, is currently fighting militants from the al-Qaeda-linked militant group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in the western province of Anbar.

The commander of the brigade has stressed in an official announcement that he will employ new missiles in fighting against the militants.

Violence erupted in Anbar on December 30, 2013, when the army removed an anti-government camp in the city of Ramadi. Iraqi authorities said the camp had been used as “headquarters for the leadership of al-Qaeda.”

The bloodshed later spread to Fallujah and militants moved in and seized the city and parts of Ramadi.

In a statement on Saturday, the governor of Anbar province, Ahmed al-Dulaimi, gave militants controlling the city of Fallujah one week to surrender as government troops are making headway against al-Qaeda-linked forces in the area.

While he gave militants a week to lay down their arms and promised them amnesty, he noted that the Iraqi officials would not negotiate with the so-called ISIL, which is comprised of “killers and criminals.”

The Iraqi army, allied with Sunni tribesmen, has cleared most parts of Ramadi. Army’s operation in Fallujah has been postponed due to concerns over the safety of civilians.

Human Rights Watch in a recent statement condemned the ISIL for committing crimes against humanity that include crimes against civilians and military troops.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says clashes have displaced over 140,000 people in the Anbar province.

3 thoughts on “Senior Iraqi Commander: All Arms Confiscated From Terrorists Since 2006 Are Israeli-Made”

  1. Modern Israeli weapons? All or any? Most unlikely. Not that Press TV is an accurate source for anything but how how would Israeli weapons reach al Qaeda even if Israel decided against all its interest to supply them? No common border or does PressTV believe that Jordan would allow it and that Iraq wouldn’t notice? No photographs and no evidence only a second hand report which isn’t even linked.

    Old Israeli weapons? Some? Possible Israel left Lebanon in 2000. Some weapons that had been in the hands of the SLA or the Phalangists conceivably could have been moved.

    Most likely yet another Arab blaming Israel for anything and everything. That’s Middle East 101.

  2. I have to agree with David.
    I bet the weapons are US made, and this is just noise to incense people who hate Israel already. Israel is obnoxious enough……..

  3. Here is another article on a very important story. The US just arrived in Europe with it’s first defense shield against “rogue states”. Russia says this is in direct conflict with their national security……they rightfully don’t want the US and their weapons in eastern Europe.
    This is a war inviting move by that warmonger in the white house……not a word of course in US media………
    I would not trust this government, the US is the rogue nation now, not these other countries.
    This is insanity.
    Here it is, it is a very important story, may well lead the US into a world war confrontation…..Russia can and will fight back.
    Perhaps we don’t have to worry about Fukushima, our own ignorant and power mad leaders may cause our destruction before the genocide from Japan can take hold……that is about two years……this can happen in two weeks.
    Damn! I am so sick of a government that does what it pleases regardless the world is growing to hate us more with each rotten act. We are as despised as was Germany in 1940.
    This isn’t funny, this is very serious. Who the hell do the US leaders think they are, god?


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