BBC: Scientist Surprised At How Much Higher Radiation Levels Are In Some Parts Of Ocean From Fukushima, It’s A ‘Mystery’ – KPBS: Fukushima Radiation Is Just Going To Become ‘A Way Of Life’ For Us’

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“Now, they say the plutonium and radiation from Fukushima will become “part of daily life” for us…… will be our death.
What liars these paid scientists are……….they are an insult to their field.”

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AND NOW: Prof. Narabayashia Member Of The Nuclear Safety Commission: ’32 Grams Of Plutonium Could Be Ingested With Food Without Danger Of Death’

BBC: Scientist surprised at how much higher radiation levels are in some parts of ocean from Fukushima, it’s a ‘mystery’ — KPBS: Fukushima radiation is just going to become ‘a way of life’ for us” — California Professor: It’s certainly going to be in the environment, it just doesn’t go away (AUDIO) (ENENews, Feb 10, 2014):

KPBS, Feb. 10, 2014:

  • Deb Welsh, ‘Morning Edition’: My understanding is that you doubt if radiation is detected, it will pose a public health threat. Why is that?
    Matt Edwards, San Diego State University:
    It’s not that I doubt it will be detected… as water travels across the ocean it dilutes greatly.
  • Welsh: There’s some confusion over “detectable” amounts of radiation and “harmful” amounts. If they’re not harmful, or of concern, would there still come a point where they could affect the food chain?
    : At the levels we’re talking about right now, I don’t believe so.
  • Welsh: Fukushima radiation is just going to become, for lack of a better phrase, ‘a way of life’ for us, much like radiation is part of our background from testing 50-60 years ago?
    : This is certainly going to be something that is going to be in the environment. You know radioactivity just doesn’t go away.
    >> Listen to the broadcast here

Yes, there is confusion about ‘detectable’ radiation levels and ‘harmful’ radiation levels — Thanks to misinformation by ‘news’ outlets like KPBS, who repeat nuclear-industry propaganda to an unsuspecting public. Even nuclear-friendly ‘Scientific American’ got it right a few days ago:

Scientific American, Feb. 7, 2014: “Scientists work under the assumption that any amount of radiation poses a health risk.”

And what about Edwards’ claim that “as water travels across the ocean it dilutes greatly”? Here’s what the actual measurements say:

BBC News, Feb. 2012 — Ken Buesseler, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (at 1:30 in): “It still surprises me how much variability even on our one cruise, between one location and another, that we can’t necessarily explain as scientists, why one organism or one location has particularly more of  the cesium in the organisms that we measured than another location. That’s still a bit of a mystery and an open question.”

It’s not a mystery to many at ENENews. See: 1) US Congress: Potential for corridors of “highly contaminated” Fukushima water traveling away from Japan 2) US Gov’t Memo: Nuclear fall-out in ocean does NOT gradually spread out — ‘Streams of higher radioactive materials’ and 3) Professor: West Coast needs to monitor for pockets of high contamination from Fukushima — Locations in some areas may be affected in a significant way (AUDIO)

>> Buesseler’s Full BBC interview here

1 thought on “BBC: Scientist Surprised At How Much Higher Radiation Levels Are In Some Parts Of Ocean From Fukushima, It’s A ‘Mystery’ – KPBS: Fukushima Radiation Is Just Going To Become ‘A Way Of Life’ For Us’”

  1. Ever since we were fed the bull about Libya by our illustrious Foreign Secretary Hague (ha), the Weapons of Mass Destruction by Blair, the mysterious ‘suicide’ of Doctor Kelly, the strange sacking of Arpad Pusztai, all followed by the BBC flogging lie after lie to the sheeple, it became obvious to any thinking person that they must be very careful what they digest from the BBC even though we, the taxpayer, fund it!!!
    Instead of being totally independant as they should be they are now no more than an official mouthpiece for corrupt, greedy, power drunk politicians.
    who do the bidding for the controllers, and we all know who they are.


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