14 Turkish Protesters Jailed For 2 Years For ‘Insulting’ Prime Minister Erdogan

14 Turkish Protesters Jailed For 2 Years For “Insulting” Prime Minister (ZeroHedge, Feb 11, 2014):

Forget throwing Molotov cocktails; don’t worry about throwing stones or hand to hand combat with the Police… the real trouble for Turkish protesters appears to be “insults” and “tree-hugging”:

  • *Turkey Protesters Given Jail for Insults to Erdogan

The punishments vary from 2-years to 14 years in jail!!

So it seems sticks and words can hurt one after all…

If you can’t do the time, don’t plant a tree…

Prosecutor asks for jail time for students protesting the construction of a road at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, NTV news reports.

Three students detained after planting trees as part of protest and charged with obstructing public works

Prosecutor asks for jail sentences ranging from 2 yrs, 6 months to 14 yrs, 6 months

or dare to insult the Prime Minister…

Court in Eskisehir gives 17 suspects jail terms for insulting Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a demonstration, state-run Anatolia news agency reports.

14 suspects get two-year jail sentences each, 3 other suspects get 1 year imprisonment each, Anatolia says

All seems very “fair”…

1 thought on “14 Turkish Protesters Jailed For 2 Years For ‘Insulting’ Prime Minister Erdogan”

  1. Soon, it will be the same in America.

    On another subject, the US continues their futile attempts to stop Iran from trading with the world….regardless Iran has been doing so successfully for years because it is a very rich nation thanks to the Iraq wars.
    The US has lost it’s world reserve powers because technology has made the need for a reserve world currency obsolete. Thanks to the advent of the first electronic currency, the Sucre, more and more nations can now trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the US dollar out. In 2010, 100% of international trades were completed in US dollars. Today, less than 50% still use the dollar, and the heavy handed attitude of the US is simply speeding the process.
    I saw they finally released half a billion dollars of frozen funds to Iran…..a drop in the bucket to these guys…..and the endless sanctions make the US look like fools.
    Here is a clip from rt.com………the US would be laughable if they had less weapons. Some of the nations no longer using the dollar, and trading with Iran include: Russia, China, Turkey, BRIC, many south American nations, many African countries, New Zealand and Australia, India, Japan………the list is getting longer every month.
    Still, the idiots in power walk around as if the US were still the foremost economy and world’s largest lending nation…..while the opposite is the truth.
    As it stands, we will soon be sitting on piles of useless paper currency nobody wants.
    Here is the clip, I copied it, and will paste now.
    US warns businesses against operating in Iran

    “The US will take on businesses that violate sanctions against Iran, said President Barack Obama at a joint news conference at the White House with French President Francois Hollande. “They do so at their own peril right now because we will come down on them like a ton of bricks with the sanctions we control,” he said. Obama added that France and other allies are committed to enforcing the current sanctions in order to stop Iran from expanding its nuclear program. In February Iran resumed talks with the UN nuclear watchdog in Tehran concerning its nuclear program and sanctions relief. ”

    At their own peril…….what idiots! The entire world is trading with Iran, they are a rich and fruitful trading partner, and they pay their bills.


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